Stand Out From The Crowd: Startup Differentiation

In the startup world, there’s always a new idea on the horizon, but for every new idea, there are also dozens of repeats, variations, or companies that already exist. Sure, some are improvements on old ideas, but others are just crowding the market. If you’re occupying one of these crowded corners, such as fintech and social media, differentiating your startup is more important than ever before.


The Age of Napoleons: Conquerers in Tech

It's no secret that our time in history is unique.


A Creative Mess: How To Get Your Business Organized

Startups are somewhat paradoxical in nature. We have the power to develop powerful, revolutionary ideas and products, but we often do so in a state of creative chaos. And while many are breaking the mold with these ideas, disorganization can have dire consequences for a company. A single disorganized, mid-level employee can cost their company over $10,000 in lost productivity annually.


Margaret Mackenzie Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Seeing is Believing

Margaret Mackenzie was interviewed at Startup Grind Sacramento at the Urban Hive last September and enlighten the audience with much-needed entrepreneurial wisdom. Currently serving an executive role in Astia, Margaret also consults several early-stage startups with a specialty in finance, IT and artificial intelligence. She served as CFO at Paymo (now Boku) and JustInvesting along with being CEO to 3 financial market corporations. Her focus has been identity, digital/mobile transactions, and FinTech.


"The market doesn't care about your vision" - Qasar Younis, COO of Y Combinator, On Entrepreneurship

Qasar Younis was interviewed at Startup Grind Sacramento and shared how he has climbed the entrepreneurial ladder. He is the CEO of Y Combinator (YC), an organization that provides seed funding for startups while linking them with potential investors and acquirers. Younis reached success through Talkbin that was originally backed by YC before being acquired by Google, ten months later. He then became Google's product lead for business-facing product and has assisted dozens of entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a reality via YC.