Buy it or Build it?


History, Myths and a Comparison of Equity Crowdfunding

During my years as an angel investor, I came across different equity crowdfunding platforms. I have met founders who are apprehensive of using a platform to raise funds. They think it sends a signal of “negative select.” 


The Mindful Founder: Modern Stress Solutions

In today’s market, startups have never been hotter. It seems as though everywhere you go, new inventive people are coming up with new, even more inventive ideas for their businesses.


What's The Competition Up To?

You may ask yourself why you need to do a competitive analysis for your marketing or how will competitive analysis helps you create a marketing plan. You kinda know which companies are direct or indirect competitors, but not much more than that.


Ensure Your Social Purpose

The number of startups who have begun to include a social purpose into their businesses model rises each day. But there comes a time (for most founders) when they must step aside -- and hand down the reins.