Innovation, for Everyone

Brexit. Trump. Putin. North Korea. China. EU disruption. These are turbulent times around the world and they are impacting everyone on a political, economic, environmental and social levels. While many may find this uncertainty a reason to hide, Matt Britton of Google told the Startup Grind Europe audience that it’s the best time to be an entrepreneur.

Phoenix on the Rise: The City of Growth

[I wasn't going to publish this post because it's all about Arizona, by someone who loves this state. As I found the city of Phoenix absolutely beautiful and enjoyed this piece -- I thought that you may also enjoy it.]

What Avengers Personality is Your Startup?

Heroes like the Avengers make us dream of what it might be like to develop superpowers. Part of their appeal is that unlike the X-Men, many of these powers were not genetic but obtained through some fluke event – which means we might just be able to relate to it. More importantly, Avenger characters tend to be unapologetically human, powers combining with personality traits to give each one advantages and disadvantages.

Challenges You Don't Know You'll Face as a Non Technical Founder

I've been marketing various products and services for years. Everything from dating programs to weight loss supplements. None of them have been as attractive to me as the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. 

The Myths and the Realities of Product Testing at Tech Conferences

Testing product concepts and assumptions is critically important to the success of tech startups who bring new technologies to market. To do it properly a sophisticated approach is often required. However, it is a common misconception that you can’t do product testing at a conference, because it is just too complicated.