Business to Interface Translation — BIT

Smartphone and tablet innovation is exploding. The potential of mobile apps is yet to be realized to its full extent. We are still researching and innovating on various ways to put the interface on digital touch screens to use.

Why Tech Startups Should Focus on Innovation to Weather Brexit

It is important for tech entrepreneurs to pay attention to global movements, issues, laws, and changes in the ecosystem. So, it is no wonder that many entrepreneurs are worried about Brexit and for good reason.

AI Revolution

It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that The Law Of Accelerating Returns has been working in favor of human progress. Our species is exclusive to experiencing such exponential development. And statistically speaking, it's only about to get more fast-paced. But with the wake of AI, human beings may not have to do all the heavy lifting. 

Scaling AI + IoT Hardware: A Growth Hack

People are bad at knowing what they want in new product.

7 European Startups Dominating Their Verticals

Europe finds itself in an interesting position right now as it begins to look inward for progress and development.