4 Practical Tips For More Efficient PR

PR is important in every business. Just like many other corporate activities, it can be performed in a more or less efficient way. Today, let’s talk about how to make PR more effective by following some practical tips.

What Separates a Hobby From a Business?

Today’s gig-based economy is encouraging more and more individuals with part-time or full-time jobs to discover hobbies that provide a source of side income. In a way, these hobbies operate as mini-businesses, taking up a few hours of extra work every week and also providing you with another source of revenue.

The N°1 Skill Most Founders Neglect

I am a musician, a painter, an artist as some would call it. I tend to have those very creative moments, and sometimes I have none at all. You want to produce, but you can't.

3 Tips to Be More Efficient

Are you as efficient as you want to be? Can you get as much done each day and over the course of the year as you aspire to?

Everything You Should Know about Time Management and Productivity

Many of us frequently feel that we don’t waste time at all during office hours or at the workplace. In general, we come across a lot of people who say the same phrase “I was too busy.” But the fact is that we never ever actually count the number of working hours that we spent on those specific tasks.