DODOcase, A Startup Doing Customer Service Right

With all the negative startup news lately, here's a story that will warm your Silicon Valley soul. I recently bumped into the founder of DODOcase and several of the early employees. I was one of the first to buy their case after the iPad1 came out in April 2010. The first five people that saw it also bought a case for themselves despite the $59 price point and 2-3 week wait at the time. Hands down it has always been the coolest iPad case - and for that you must pay the price. Unfortunately what people like me didn't pay for was the breakable bambo siding, or the loosey-goosey rubber corner tabs. The early cases had a major flaw with the rubber corners, and after my son dropped it and broke the wood frame it was done.

I was speaking with Gabe from DODOcase a few nights ago and told him about how I loved the product but that I could no longer use it. I did not identify myself as someone that planned to blog about the whole experience either way. Without hesitation he immediately said that I could bring it by the office and they would fix it for free. I just happened to have the case in the car and despite planning to leave for South America the next day, Gabe grabbed the damaged iPad and said he'd take care of it.

I planned to pick it up in a few days at their warehouse in SF, but 3 days after I handed him the case it arrived in a package at my office. Brand new casing, much strong corner inserts, plus a sticker! DODOcase now has about 15 employees, and a massive warehouse in San Francisco. They have massive distribution across the country inside and out of Apple stores. If you don't have one check them out on their website today.