Double The Trouble: Dropbox Increases Friend Referral Storage By 2x

Dropbox revved up the sharing coefficient today by doubling the amount of storage they give you for every friend that you invite. Previously that amount was at 250MB but that's increasing to 500MB for up to 16 friends. It's also been raised from for the premium accounts to 1GB per referral.

Dropbox continues to grow in spite of a quieter period than normal after their massive round of funding. They've done a couple of cool things in the past month you should check out if you haven't already including a company wide HackWeek and an investment from U2.

Eric Eldon of TechCrunch reported yesterday that Bono and The Edge were early investors, finding their way into the second round of funding. Bono is also a public partner of the embattled VC firm Elevation Partners.

It's interesting to me to see these musicians get involved in a company that has nothing to do with their professional background or expertise. Artists like Lady Gaga and Ashton Kutcher typically (not always) invest in companies where they can add domain expertise and marketing support via Twitter that really moves the needle.

It's a stretch to think that Bono is ever was going to push a lot of new user signups to Dropbox. Either way the increased space is big a win for users and lovers of the service who share the killer app with their friends.