Full Startup Grind Interview With Dave McClure (500 Startups)

Last week I interviewed 500-Startups founder, ex-Paypal, ex-Mint, ex-Aslan Computing, and investor of a lot of other things. Last week was a good one for Dave. 500-Startups turned 2-yrs old, one of his investments sold to Google for $350MM, and he had his own birthday (see the very end of the video).

Yet in spite of that Dave maintains a pretty thick layer of humility. My few personal interactions with him and those that work with or around him seem to echo a different take on the person you often see on stage. Deep down the guy is an extremely great marketer who is working very hard to breakout his latest "startup" into a big success.

The interview contains roughly 30 f-bombs, a startup founder in a banana suit who impressively hijacked our interview (28-mins), a cupcake (108-mins), and even unicorns. It's some of the most entertaining and insightful 60-minutes I've had in a long time, watch and learn about Dave and 500-Startups via the video below.