Get ready for the Startup Grind Skopje!

Good news: Finally the community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs, Startup Grind is alive in Skopje. This June, Irena from Clear View Business Training Center together with her team brings the Startup Grind magic in the capital of Macedonia.  

What does the Startup Grind Skopje bring?
Get ready to join a community of 'do-ers' and be one of the people who bring freshness in the world of entrepreneurship. 

As part of the Startup Grind Skopje in the following months we will be sharing juicy stories for what does it take to create a successful start up - coming from people who have already done it. Through interviews and events we will showcase some of the most successful startup adventure stories from our city. You will have a chance to mingle with founders, investors and friends that you haven't met yet.

Wondering why is this so cool and important? You would probably agree that 'working on a startup' is the 'new sexy'. Startups are the wizards of today's economy - by passionately working on getting an idea that solves a problem and/or creates value off the ground we show that magic does exist.

Yet, we know that it's not always rainbows and butterflies. Getting an idea off the ground takes courage, support and sweat. That's why with the Startup Grind Skopje we tend to connect and inspire all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs wannabe, and support them through good and bad times. We are here to co-create the startup ecosystem where we will be able to better support each other in making innovations happen.

By now, you must be wondering: When is the 1st event in Skopje taking place?

Save the date: 3rd of June, 17.30 - 20.30.

It's our utmost pleasure to have Ivan Dimoski as our 1st speaker.  Ivan is part of the team that cooked TweetsPie - a Twitter utility app for saving users time by displaying the best tweets from their timeline.Among the other amazing things, TweetsPie team:

  • is the Winner of the Droidcon Easter Europe 2013 App Challenge and the Mobile App Camp Skopje 2013 App Challenge;

  • got featured on The Next Web with an extremely positive review for its minimal design and everyday usefulness.

At the event, we are going to share stories about:

  • creating a #winning team;

  • the ups and downs in the development process;

  • the importance of user testing: how to create something that users would find valuable;

  • how to have your work featured on The Next Web, one of the most relevant world tech magazines.

The event is supported by our amazing local partners: Semos Education and Matrix Global.

Save your spot! Get your ticket at the Startup Grind page or contact or call +389 2 2461 477.