Getting out of trouble

We had the pleasure of chatting with R. Narayanan (a.k.a. Naru) on 25th Oct. He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, and started one of India's first bubble gum companies among other ventures. It was a fantastic chat, with Naru have "answers to everything" in his own words.

Some of the highlights of the talk were (the full video can be seen here):

  • Never buckle under pressure - most people use time pressure to get you to make bad decisions, don't! Always ask for just a few minutes (if not more) to clear your head and think straight - these few minutes might just be the difference between success and failure

  • If you are having cash flow issues, always talk it out with your suppliers, this will ensure that they are on your side for most part - giving you some breather before the next big thing hits

  • Give everyone (mainly employees & vendors) 2 - 3 chances, and it they still don't live up to expectations, it is better to let them go and find someone else, rather than be stuck with mediocre performers for a long time

You can catch the full video here.