Good Luck Getting A Job At Pinterest Unless You Work At Facebook.

Want a job at Pinterest? Good luck with that. According to sources we've spoken with inside the company they are getting about 100 inbound resumes each day. All open jobs are engineering related from iOS, to front-end, software, and DevOps engineers. They're focused on hiring top Silicon Valley talent going after Stanford, Google, and Apple engineers. I have also been hearing that they're hiring from Facebook as fast as they can. With the Facebook office recently relocating just outside of Palo Alto, and Pinterest's office down off University Avenue in Palo Alto doesn't seem like a hard sell. A few years ago Arrington wrote about engineers that run from startup to startup cashing in along the way. Pinterest is the latest hot startup and the engineers are running as fast as they can to get in. With about 15-employees and a $200MM valuation from last October when they only had 4-5MM monthly users, the upside is still tremendous.