How To Build a Great European and Italian Business to IPO via Enrico Gasperini

Our first event in Milan was hosted on October 28 with Enrico Gasperini, President and Founder of Digital Magics. Here you watch the video of the interview and see pictures of the event. It's in Italian so make sure to brush up before watching.

Enrico Gasperini began his entrepreneurial activities after obtaining his degree in Computer Science and, by the 1990s, had already begun experimenting with new digital systems with intelligent interfaces.

In 1988 he founded Inferentia which became Italy’s first new media agency to be specialized in online marketing services in 1993, whereby the company developed a number of innovative and internationally-renowned projects. In the year 2000, the company went public on Nuovo Mercato and went on to become a European leader in the digital marketing sector (initially under the name of Inferentia DNM, and later Fullsix).

In 2004 a new challenge arose: Enrico Gasperini founded Digital Magics, an investment company which has been active since 2008 as a venture incubator of startups with a high tech focus. In July 2013 Digital Magics listed on AIM Italia, the Alternative Investment Market for small and medium-sized Italian enterprises with high growth potential organized and managed by Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange).