How to Strengthen Your B2B Marketing Efforts with Human Touch?

Concocting responsive campaigns by consolidating B2B marketing and creativity is an enigma to marketers still dabbing with strategies for building an emotional level connection with customers

The Human Touch

A human touch to marketing efforts can evince loyalty, but only if done right. The challenge begins at the outset because B2B campaigns of the past lack the bells and whistles of B2C ads.

B2B ads used to only incentivize retail shoppers with discounts and offers. Keeping in mind also the B2B audience have a different mindset prompting marketers to vary their approach.    

To draw the attention of B2B audiences, listen to challenges faced by the prospects and carry out engagements in a constructive manner by keeping your audience in perspective.

Data from the social channels supersaturates the quality of engagement through a comprehensive level of personalization. The highly accurate insights help to discover obstacles, proclivity, and ultimately driving customers towards goals.

The high-value insights from your customers contribute to shaping campaigns with surgical precision. Turning niche customer data into marketing tactics is not blazing fast.

Look for these priorities while giving your B2B campaign a human touch:

1. Find data that streamlines your sales pipeline

Analysis paralysis is too real in marketing because B2B Marketers tend to become too absorbed in overanalyzing Big Data without actioning on the data set at hand.

The data from analytics will provide fundamental insight on ongoing trends and predictions. However, diagnosing actual results is possible by turning to your marketing pipeline.   

Frame questions about the sales funnel that needs right answers. Ask yourself “How long does it take to reach sales closure for an average customer journeying through the pipeline?”, “What is the anticipated revenue breakthrough in the upcoming quarter?”, “How did your recent opportunity run aground?” 

If you are still looking for answers, get started with data insights that will give optimum ROI.

2. Prepare architecture for aggregating, evaluating, and utilizing data insights

Data is invaluable and don’t let the fall-through. A recent study conducted CRM search indicates that up to 80% of the leads created by marketing departments are severely undervalued. 

The loss of potential opportunity can be interrupted by integrating quality communication and relevant technology. Automated CRM and project management systems will place data sets in relevant positions in the sales pipeline with less intervention.      

To strike gold with lead generation strategy, marketers must have a thorough knowledge of where to look for leads. It often begins with early detection of opportunity.

While looking for an integrated lead generation solution, try to determine if the system can be assimilated into existing tools for shoring up business performance. If the system is capable of providing a single view of email campaigns, file sharing, and movement of the dollar will help achieve better results with enhanced productivity. 

3. Actively Engage with audience on social media and pay attention to fresh insights

Personalization dominates every marketing avenues. Social channels are playing an active role in warming up prospects for long-term sales relationship.

Most savvy brands are prioritizing such interactions to unveil the challenges that manifest in customer service. The data sets from such engagements are used to overcome the common criticism through future updates. 

Brands with social media footprints stay in touch with customers on a regular basis through real human representatives who are committed to handling the tickets raised by customers in real time. Such efforts can foster client loyalty while positively reflecting the brand’s value on the social front. 

Audiences openhandedly welcome brands which go the extra mile in reaching out to concerned customers and helping them to overcome difficulties. Automated systems with bot controlled response rarely leave concerned clients feeling satisfied. However, with ongoing development in artificial intelligence chat bots are likely to become intuitive and capable of near-human level communication.  

Start reinforcing your brand’s existence on social media by continuously reaching out to followers. The initial steps are most critical ones; that being said, brand profiles on social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other leading platforms. The next step is to have a dedicated representative to stay in touch with the followers. 

Here are few good practices that will bolster your efforts:

•    Skip the one size fits all model while posting content

Every social media platform operates uniquely having different algorithm, audience types, and interests. All these data sets determine how the audience will respond to the post.

Content must be created by keeping in mind the behavior of audience in the ambit of each social channel. One size fits all approach do not yield on social media. 

•    Quickly respond to customers with utmost sincerity

Social media is an outlet linking users to your brand. Every action on social media can reflect in a befitting manner.

Marketers must exercise caution at all times while engaging audience. Listen carefully and avoid delayed response when customers tag your social handle. Let the audience know that they are speaking to real people who can empathize and offer assistance in time of difficulties if any.   

•    Do not place branding promotions on top of the sales funnel

Users who download information-rich resources are likely to be interested in solutions and services being promoted on the site. However, the same cannot be said in the case of social media subscribers.

It is irrational to assume every subscriber is a potential customer. Social media users expect to hear about latest developments, trending news, and highlights from recent events.

Product related content can be sparingly promoted to avoid overwhelming subscribers which can otherwise cause them to ebb away. Plan your social media posts appropriately to avoid flooding the subscriber’s news feeds,

•    Do not leave social profiles incomplete

Pay attention to the user interface of your social media outlet. Ensure that your brand logo is visible along with the details that help patrons know who you are.

Provide clear insight about your brand, its goals and other details that crisply describes your purpose. All information must be relevant and up to date for increasing the number of eyeballs looking at your content

Make fill out forms easier to access so that subscribers can effortlessly get in touch.

The purpose of meshing creativity with B2B marketing is that the customers and marketers are humans trying to be value to one another in various manners.

Understanding the client's behavior from social interactions and engaging them to foster long-term relationship must be the goal of every marketer. It inspires brand loyalty and contributes to the growth of reputation.   

In B2B marketing, human touch is an essential quality that will eventually lead to ROI.