Learn from other people’s experiences

I was lucky in the fact I knew what I wanted to do with my life from a young age. The problem however was I didn’t have the network of experienced developers or entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences. Being a 14 year old dropping out of school in year 9 wasn’t the easiest path to success. Trying to get a job before 18 usually ended with ‘You don’t have education, I can’t employ you’. My passion for entrepreneurship and innovation kept me strong when people would tell me to get a job or study something. I think the hardest thing being an entrepreneur is feeling alone most of the time. You feel like you’re the only one going through the grind of finding customers, building a product, hitting the next mile stone.

In Australia, the term startup and coworking are relative new, especially in Adelaide. For those of you who have not heard of Adelaide before, it is the capital city of South Australia, sometimes referred to as the small country city where everyone knows everyone. Adelaide has always been slow paced, slow to innovate and comfortable to live if you love wine. Bringing Startup Grind to Adelaide is my way of paying it forward for the next generation of entrepreneurs, by sharing my experience and the experiences of our guests I hope we are able to fast forward or 10x (as Jindou Lee labels it) the startup scene and open huge opportunities for creative minds who have enough hustle to get out there and fail forward.

The stories that come out of Startup Grind can be unexpected but totally inspirational. That hour fireside chat can completely change someone’s world, just by hearing that a successful entrepreneur was once in the same place as you with the same struggle and overcame it by doing x, or failed miserably by doing y.

If you have not attended a Startup Grind event yet, do yourself a favour and get to the next one in you city. If not for the speaker, the other members of the audience are in the same pair of shoes you’re wearing, they are out to learn from the experience of others and hopefully you can pass on some of your experiences and pay it forward.

For without groups of knowledge and experience, we are all just standing still in mud.