Milano, get ready...Startup Grind is here!

It’s about time! Startup Grind, the global startup community educating, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs, is finally in Milano, Italy.

The startup community in the city has been growing rapidly in the last few years. The Chamber of Commerce has recently declared that the number of startups in Milano has grown from 523 in 2011, 405 more in 2012, 755 more in 2013 and 295 more in the first few months of 2014. An average of 2.5 startups are registered every day in Italy, making 2014 the most fruitful year for the Italian startup ecosystem. Venture Beat has also recently written that "Italy has caught up with global digital trends and is offering an increasingly enticing landscape for venture capital."

Why are we bringing Startup Grind to Milano?

We have decided to start this new adventure because Milano needs it! We need to create a community, engage it and cultivate it and we want to focus mainly on startups, innovation and Made in Italy. The concept behind Startup Grind is as simple as this: people meeting and helping people.

Each month we will bring together successful entrepreneurs, the young and the not-so-young, innovators, investors, those who have made it "to the top" and those who are working on it, and much more. Listening to their stories, getting together and learning from their experiences, is what the community needs. There will be no slides or presentations, but a fireside chat to learn, listen to what worked and what didn't and gain valuable lessons.

Startup Grind will aim to become a landmark for startup enthusiasts, a place to get inspired and get to know who is behind the most successful companies in Italy.

Our first speaker:

Enrico Gasperini is founder and president of Digital Magics, an investment company which has been active since 2008 as a venture incubator of startups with a high tech focus. Gasperini has always been committed to the diffusion of internet culture, and has constantly strived to further the structural and cultural growth of the Italian digital system.

He will be our first speaker on October 28th at StartMiUp, hub for talents and startups in Milano. Join us!


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