Our Chat with Felix Lam - Angel Investing in the Pearl River Delta


Is the Chinese Pearl River Delta a hidden gem for hardware and software entrepreneurs?

One Saturday afternoon Startup Grind Guangzhou had the pleasure of sitting down with entrepreneur and investor Felix Lam from Red Chapel Advisors. The interview was conducted in English by co-director Chance Jiang.

We talked with Felix about when he started to take on a roll as an investor and what entrepreneurs can expect once they cross over to become an investor. We also touched on his biggest successes and the most costly lessons learned. Felix is also an active member in the Hong Kong startup community as a member of TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and as Entrepreneur in Residence at the Cocoon co-working space.  Felix's hands on experience, his knowledge about Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta, and the West make place him in an ideal spot for putting deals together in this area.

We discussed the unique landscape that surrounds Guangzhou - cities like Dongguan and Shenzhen - all super cities with multi-million inhabitants. Unique to this part of the world is the ability to work closely together with a vast array of factories, all specialised in various parts of the manufacturing process. For those of you who are interested in the "Internet of things", or would like to get a sneak peak from the South China startup community, this interview with Felix is a must watch!

下次再见, or see you next time from the Guangzhou Chapter!