Patrick Collison, Founder & CEO of Stripe, Live At Startup Grind [VIDEO]

It has been a whirlwind couple of days: we hosted Michael Tchong at our inaugural Startup Grind Marin event, and we had the privilege of featuring Patrick Collison of Stripe the night before in Palo Alto. Patrick is Co-founder & CEO of one of the most interesting startups in Silicon Valley: Stripe. He has taken the decade-old problem of payments and completely turned it upside down, creating an intuitive system to get things bought and paid for.

He and his brother have taken an idea and in two years built a 20+ person company valued at well over $100MM. Patrick Collison is a fascinating person: at only 23-years old he's already won a national science award (in Ireland), sold a company for $5MM, and now he's onto his next massive hit set to disrupt the entire payments industry. Remember the name Stripe, because you'll be hearing a lot about it.

Check out our 2012 Stripe video and transcript here, or jump ahead in time to our more recent interviews with Patrick: in 2013 at the second ever Startup Grind Global Conference or his fireside chat with Colleen Taylor of TechCrunch at the 2015 Startup Grind Global Conference. Find them all below.

Patrick Collison in 2012, 6 months into running Stripe

In 2013, Patrick joined Startup Grind again to talk about growth at Stripe since his last chat

The latest from Patrick Collison at the Startup Grind 2015 Global Conference