Salesforce Director on How to Turn Customer Success Stories into Sales

“A power story connects the pieces of the company to a customer”, explains Julia Barrett passionately. In her talk at the Startup Grind Global Conference, she tells us how the art of storytelling plays a huge role in how we close leads today.

Julia Barett is the Global Program Director of Salesforce for startups. She joined Salesforce through Heroku where she assisted in corporate alignment, strategic partnerships, and go-to market strategy through the Salesforce channel.

Turning Challenges into Conversions

Julia goes on to explain that companies who can communicate their success stories to their clients have a much higher chance of closing a sale. Companies need to showcase the stories behind their successful leads, so their potential customers can connect the service or product with success. Stories will engage emotional triggers within clients and capture their imagination and excitement. Furthermore, when a client listens to a success story, all fear is removed from their buying thought process.

Happy customers always have great stories to tell. Julia Barrett pushes us to talk to our clients to get access to those powerful stories. These are some questions she suggests to ask our customers: “What was the challenge ahead of you? Why did you think we were the right solution for you? Why is what I’m doing, the right thing for you? What have you achieved since you’ve been with us?” Find those keys points for your success stories and adapt them to your potential leads.

Maintaining the Narrative 

“Online or offline, the customer story is key”. We all know how important it is to have customer reviews before buying a product or service. We can give our leads all the facts that we want, but what will convince the lead is telling them the truth from our current clients’ perspective. People remember stories; however, they forget facts. 

Julia Barrett concludes that by engaging with your customers through the power of storytelling, you will not only be connecting all the pieces of your company for them but also give your customers something to remember, ultimately increasing the chances of your sale.