SG Chicago: How Kristi Ross Translated Options Trading into Millions through Dough Inc.

Ever heard of an Iron Condor? No -- not the animal, nor a statue.

It is a defined risk trade that is structured using an out-of-the-money call spread and an out-of-the-money put spread. It is used in options trading -- and probably seems like a foreign language to most people.

Translating the World of Finance

Over the last four years, Kristi Ross has led a company that has made it easy for any layperson to understand trades like the iron condor, and to actually get things done in the world of options trading. Dough Inc. is both an online financial content network and a trading platform. Its success in demystifying options trading enabled the company to raise $25 million in the summer of 2014.

Watch the full video to learn how a founder can tackle a complex subject matter in an engaging and successful way while targeting a diverse user base: millennials and retirees, as well as first timers and pros alike. You might end up learning to better manage your financial portfolio while you're at it.

Kristi Ross at Startup Grind

Kristi Ross grew up in Wisconsin and at an early age was determined to be successful and financially independent. She pursued a career in finance and accounting because of its career prospects and earnings potential. A few years after graduating, she was a CFO of a trading specialist firm at the age of 25.

As CFO, Kristi was involved in six mergers and acquisitions in six years, with the last one being an acquisition by TD Ameritrade. In 2011, she was ready for the next challenge and decided to join former TD Ameritrade founder and help build on a vision of making finance fun.

In her Startup Grind interview, Kristi shares many of the insights that allowed her to be successful: from truly enabling user-generated feedback to constantly staying ahead of trends such as content, video, and mobile.

All of this while still waking up at 5:00 am to be able to make breakfast for her children and get in her morning run.​​