So You Are An Entrepreneur? Stop Doing These Things, NOW.

It is no secret that being an entrepreneur has its own set of special challenges and problems to overcome.  There are obviously countless books, lectures, and other resources that can help you towards your goals, but at the end of the day, you are basically writing your own instruction book.

When it comes to difficult issues as an entrepreneur, there are some pit-falls that we really can avoid the hassle of, if we simply learn from others, and don't repeat their mistakes. There are obviously other lessons that we will need to learn on our own, as they may be individual to our own business and issues therein.

These are actions to either stop doing, or to make sure you don't start these behaviors. Of course, any advise may need changing based on the time you find it, but here are a few notable action you will want to stop doing in your startup.

Stop Saying "Me"

Are you a sole proprietor, with a self-employment income? If the answer to this question is 'no,' then you need to stop referring to your business as "I."

Start using the word "we" and you will start to be taken seriously by those that are not impressed with what they may be presuming is merely your arrogance and smugness.

You may not even realize you are doing this. But if you are savvy enough to have a company, there is no "I," it has become a "we" deal right from the get go.

Stop Thinking You Have No Competition

Another attribute that is seen in entrepreneurs is conveniently ignoring their competition. Unless you are in a brand new space or niche (and it will not stay this way for long, trust me) you are not going to be the only company doing what you are doing, or producing what you are producing.

If you think that you are without competition, then you are clearly ignorant, or lying to yourself... and others. Maybe there isn't a company exactly like yours, but, they will be taking some of your clients for themselves, either way.

Entrepreneurs must pay attention to their individual space in the market.

Stop Ignoring Your Health

Entrepreneurs seem to work themselves until they are literally ready to fall over. It is important to work hard when you are starting a business, but if you are not able to balance your life, then you may want to rethink your strategy.

This is a personal health choice every bit as much as a choice that will help your business.  When you are putting all of your emotional and working eggs in one business basket, just as in finance, if that basket ever breaks, then you know the first person that is going to get egg on their face.

Stop Lying About Your Startup

Lastly, don't lie to yourself about your revenue, progress, or traction of your business. Don't believe that all of those 100k people on your Facebook, are actually your paying customers.

Even if someone is not an investor, it is a mistake to misrepresent how your company is doing to anyone, especially yourself. Some companies do an entire marketing campaign on how they perceive the company is doing rather than on actual numbers.  Numbers don't lie.

Never misrepresent how your company is doing online or in marketing. You don't want to be the man or woman that ends up with no business because you couldn't face the music, or the actual truth of how your business is actually being taken care of.

Stop doing these few actions and watch your startup companies get much more successful!