Startup Grind Austin Welcomes Joshua Baer, founder Capital Factory (11/5)

Joshua Baer’s Linked In profile states “I help people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs.”  And he knows how to make it happen. Joshua started his first company, Skylist, from his dorm room at Carnegie Mellon University in 1996.   That was the first of 4 companies he founded/sold and will tell us all about in Austin on November 5.  Skylist grew out of consulting work and was completely bootstrapped.  The first server was the computer his parents bought him for school.  After 10 years, he sold Skylist to Datran Media.

His second company started while still running the first, a response to new regulations governing the email marketing industry.  He built the company and the market, and sold this company at the same time as Skylist.

In 2008, Joshua started OtherInbox at TechCrunch50 and received funding from angels and 500 startups.  While working on OtherInbox, Joshua Baer brought together 20 other partners to build Capital Factory, an incubator in Austin, to provide advice and mentoring to Austin Startups.  Capital Factory invests in 5 companies per year.

Joshua is an active angel investor, investing 50 private companies, many local to Austin.

Come listen as we talk with Joshua about his entrepreneurial background, the lessons he has learned from his companies, what he’s learned from his work as an investor and his advice for startups.  It’s also a great opportunity to check on the recently opened Capital Factory space.  Get your tickets here.