Startup Grind Connects Memphis Startup Scene

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Welcome to Memphis, the city where dreamers and thinkers become doers.

Memphis is a city rising up the entrepreneurial ladder because it is a place that embraces ideas and passionate people. Memphis is home to both big ideas and big talent. We grit, we grind, we create, we start things. That's why we are a perfect fit for Startup Grind.

Startup Grind, based in Palo Alto and powered by Google For Entrepreneurs, is a global community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. Located in over 70 cities, Memphis is joining the rest of the world as an entrepreneurial powerhouse with the addition of Startup Grind's educational and community building series.

The monthly event series allows guest speakers to share their experience starting and growing businesses. The shared experiences and knowledge from successful entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and others inspire and educate others in the local community. Entrepreneurs and those who want to start businesses in all industries are invited to attend, connect, and get plugged into the local startup scene in Memphis.

Startup Grind makes the startup journey less lonely, more connected, and more memorable. It brings together the entrepreneurial community in a way that encourages and builds positive connections in Memphis and beyond.

Why Memphis? Memphis has a history of innovation and currently is home to many successful companies. Our local startup scene is alive and well with several local startup incubators, accelerators, and angel investors. According to Entrepreneur magazine, Memphis is one of the top cities to start and grow a business. Here are Startup Grind Memphis, we want to make sure those who start a business feel supported and have a higher chance of success.

Join us as we connect Memphis to the global community of startup ideas and energy!