Startup Grind Landed in Dhaka - The City of Opportunities

Startup Grind, the most exciting global community of entrepreneurs & startups, is coming to Bangladesh with Startup Grind Dhaka. We are really excited to announce this community's very first event. I believe there can't be a better time than this to start this community of great values here.

On the very first event we are going to host Kamal Quadir, CEO of bKash (one of the very first mobile money solution in Bangladesh). He is one of the most-cited thinkers in mobile innovations who has been credited for "grass-root level market creation" with emerging technologies. His past creation CellBazaar, a mobile phone based electronic marketplace, was acquired by Norwegian telecommunications operator Telenor in 2010.

bkash has became a household name in Bangladesh. A large number of people who have families in rural areas use bkash to send money. e-commerce portals also found bkash a useful one as most of the people still don't have credit cards but do have bkash because account opening is free. bKash also created a large number of entrepreneurs who provide bKash transaction solutions via their own small shops and earn their livelihood.

With over 65% population under age of 40 - Bangladesh is one of most promising destination for growth, innovation and quality.  I got the best team possible with me in Startup Grind Dhaka - Kazi Monirul Kabir, (a Googler) and Fayaz Taher (entrepreneur/angel investor). Together we will try our best to grow the local ecosystem and take the country forward. We will do the event on 28th February at United International University. We are eagerly waiting to meet you in the event.