Startup Grind Launches in Muscat, Oman!

Entrepreneurism in Oman just got a BIG boost! Startup Oman has just launched the local chapter of Startup Grind, the largest independent startup community in the world. Yes -- the WORLD! Startup Grind actively educates, inspires, and connects 215,000 founders in over 185 cities and connects Oman to the greater global entrepreneurial groundswell. We are no longer alone.

Going Global

For as long as I’ve lived here, I’ve been in awe of the fabulous programs and nation-wide support that exists for SMEs in the Sultanate. I’ve also been frustrated by the lack of visibility and access these programs operate under. Hence, we founded Startup Oman. But taking the cover off all the awesome programs and centralizing access isn’t really enough if you still operate in a bubble. The team at Startup Oman knew that if we were going to really shake things up, we would need to connect Omani entrepreneurs to the greater global initiative. There is after all strength in numbers.

Gratefully, going global in a connected world is relatively easy. With a bit of resourcefulness and a few clicks, we found Startup Grind. What we think is really cool about being part of the Startup Grind community is that Startup Grind is a group founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs who know, first hand, about the benefits of connecting to the larger good, and who share the values of our own community.

The Expedition of Entrepreneurship

As we know, becoming an entrepreneur is a bit like embarking on the biggest expedition of your life. So, who better to kick off our first Startup Grind event but entrepreneur extraordinaire, Mr. Mark Evans.

A global citizen, himself, Mark has spent 36 years traversing some of the most hostile environments on Earth, and proves that it is possible for ordinary people to achieve the extraordinary. Meticulous planning, overcoming fears, and finding motivation even at the most seemingly hopeless and frustrating of moments, are among the ingredients that have repeatedly led Mark to success. No surprise, they are also the ingredients of entrepreneurship.

Beyond his tireless work as an explorer, Marks oversees  the logistics and safety of more than 100 multi-day courses each year that take place in the desert and mountains of Oman in his role as Executive Director of Outward Bound. He also works with corporate and government sectors in the Middle East developing leaders and building teams. And if that weren't enough, he is also an accomplished freelance writer.

    Mark your Calendars!

    In December, in honor of Oman's 45th National Day celebrations, Mark and his two Omani colleagues, will embark upon a grueling and historic journey to cross the Empty Quarter.

    Before they do so, they will honor us at our first Startup Grind as our inaugural speakers.  Please join us on November 29th at 7:00 p.m. at The Lounge in Azaiba as we take inspiration from Mark and his colleagues and propel the spirit of entrepreneurism into a force of economic and cultural diversity.

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