Startup Grind Stockholm is looking for its next Chapter Director



Is this chair yours?


Do you want to become a leader in the Stockholm startup community, be the direct link to the heart of Silicon Valley, and get access to startup networks in 160+ other cities around the world? Now there is a unique opportunity to apply to become the Chapter Director for Startup Grind Stockholm.

Since the first event in March 2013, Startup Grind Stockholm has completed 16 events, had over 1000 unique attendees and gathered more than 4500 followers in social media. Through our aim to create meaningful personal meetings, where hardships and failure are just as important as succes    s, our recurring events have had an important role in the emerging hot tech startup community. Through our high quality events, videos and photography, we’ve also been a positive force and a great role-model global Startup Grind network.

As Director, you will together with the Co-Director take full ownership for Startup Grind’s operations in Stockholm. You will empower a team of volunteers who are the small core that support during the events and are great ambassadors for our values. The role is a minimum 2 year endeavor on a pro-bono basis, but with great return in terms of network value. You will organize 8-10 events per year were you in a podcast-like format interview successful Swedish entrepreneurs on their journey through life. Together with the directors of the Gothenburg and Sweden chapter, you will be one of Sweden’s most important direct links to the Startup Grind HQ with all its connections in Silicon Valley and the world. Together you will build towards the mission of building a strong supportive, inspirational and educational force for entrepreneurs in Sweden - connecting them to other parts of the ecosystem such as corporations, governments and investors.

What we are looking for:


  • You are passionate about finding the best way to develop entrepreneurs and the eco-system that they are part of

  • You are a relationship builder that understand the value of building networks and connections between people.

  • You want to build a strong and lasting relationship between Silicon Valley and Stockholm

  • You are a self-starter, take full responsibility for your actions and actively find creative ways to drive things forward

  • You understand the community value of creating continuous high quality events and meetups

  • You feel confident to gather, energize, coordinate and lead people

  • You find it meaningful to build communities, connect organizations with entrepreneurs and, in a very hands on way, create value for the whole society through helping entrepreneurs move forward.

Preference will be given to a candidate who:


  • Has experience from public speaking, moderating, acting, toastmastering or other on stage/educational performance

  • Has been an entrepreneur for a few years, founded at least one startup, but has seen what problems and pains there are and therefore would like to work with developing and connecting entrepreneurs

  • Would like to build a company out of creating communities for entrepreneurs

  • Initially are able to fund your own living through another startup, consultancy  or studies

  • Has worked with entrepreneur-empowering organizations like Venture Cup, Drivhuset, Ung Företagsamhet, Founder Alliance, Business Sweden and others





The application process


Phase 1 (The last day to complete Phase 1 is February 6th, 2015)

Send an email to with name, phone number, a link to your Linkedin-profile and a short motivation.

Phase 2 (The last day to complete Phase 2 is February 15th 2015)

  1. Write a blog post-style article about Startup Grind’s next era in Stockholm, directed towards the audience of the community itself and also corporate and investment spectators. Show that you understand what the startup community is about and what role Startup Grind has in the ecosystem moving forward.

  2. Make a list of the 10 entrepreneurs that you think you’d be able to get on stage and interview during 2015/2016.

  3. Record a 5 minute video where you motivate why you should be the next Director for Startup Grind Stockholm. Upload it on Youtube as a non-public video.

  4. Attach the blog post, the list of entrepreneurs and the link to the video and in an email to


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