Startup Have an App? Areas To Concentrate on For Success

There was a time where a business having an app seemed pretentious or was simply their main business model. With consumers becoming more technologically savvy on a daily basis many people turn to a company’s app for guidance. Most people never login to their bank accounts on the computer as they can simply use their phone to check the huge or meager balances.

Having an app is much like having a website was a little over a decade ago. An app helps legitimize a business but it can also delegitimize a business if it is poorly designed or frustrates users. The following are a few areas to concentrate on so the app can be as successful as possible.

Define What The Company Wants Out of the App

A company designing an app just because a competitor did so is not sufficient reasoning. If you are going to spend the money to have a great app developed then it has to do something for the business or provide convenience to customers. An ecommerce company would want seamless buying through their app instead of having to head to a desktop or a buggy mobile site.

An app that tracked investments could show you real time results of the stocks you have money in. Ad revenue can be huge for apps with large download numbers and this is where many gaming apps make their fortune. Define what you want out of the app then put into a place the creation strategy of doing so.

Test, Test, Then Test Again

You are going to have to test your company’s app more times than you can count. You don't want to launch your first app only to have it shut down and freeze up consumer’s smartphones. This is the easiest way to find your app removed from the phone in just a few uses.

Do not just have your team test this but rather a group of people you would compensate to try to give tips on what could be better. Obviously expert testers will be able to find bugs quite easily but cannot give opinions of a normal consumer as they are an expert in apps. Even if you have to delay the launching of an app this should be done instead of putting out a low quality app. The app you create will reflect on your business almost as much as your website so this is something to keep in mind.

Make The App Very Easy To Navigate

One mistake that many app developers make is thinking that the users will be as app savvy as themselves. Digital experience monitoring is defined by Appoptics as DEM and it is the monitoring strategy used to quantify and to optimize applications and digital touchpoints to provide a seamless user experience. Gartner verbosely defines DEM as follows:

“Digital experience monitoring is an availability and performance monitoring discipline that supports the optimization of the operational experience and behavior of a digital agent, human or machine, as it interacts with enterprise applications and services. For the purposes of this evaluation, it includes real-user monitoring (RUM) and synthetic transaction monitoring (STM) for both web- and mobile-based end-users.”

The use of those who specialize in UX should be paramount as well. The perfect app is much like an equation with every part being of some importance. Taking the time to develop the perfect app can change the trajectory of a business quite quickly. Do not skimp on expenses when it comes to your company app as your app could be the only portion of your company that a customer interacts with.