The Top 10 Things I Learned Interviewing The Founder/CEO of Pinterest

When Ben Silbermann joined me on the Startup Grind stage in Palo Alto California on  February 28 the small room was packed 300+ full of entrepreneurs, founders, and fans of the product. In the 45-minute interview we talked about the background and history of where the product had been and where it is headed. Here are the top 10 things that I learned.

1. The founder grew up in the midwest and he planned to be a doctor before college.

2. After four months Pinterest only had around 200 users but they were passionate about the product.

3. Most of the major features available on the site were there from the very beginning.

4. Silicon Valley's camaraderie is a perfect place to build a technology company.

5. Huge amounts of concerted effort have been put into the impressive design of the site.

6. The site grew 40-50% consistently month over month from the very beginning.

7. Ben's girlfriend pushed him to leave Google and stop taking about starting a company and actually go for it.

8. Ben cold called investors and presented to dozens of famed technology investors that passed on the opportunity to invest in Pinterest.

9. Working at Google helped implant and grow the entrepreneurial bug in Pinterest's founder.

10. Working at Pinterest is a weird and exciting feeling, but everyone is on board with building a great product.