The United Nations of Startups

Startup Grind Global 2015 was my first large Startup Event. As a director I was able to meet great fellow directors from all over the globe. Each one of us all with the same intent, put on awesome events for entrepreneurs.

As directors we showed up a bit early to have some great team building exercises and at one of these workshops Derek said something that resonated with me deeply. Startup Grind was like the United Nations of Startups.

Startup Grind crosses political, spiritual and physical boundaries setup by governments, closed minds, and borders. Startup Grind brings together people from all over the world under the philosophy of togetherness and is clearly put in our values.

Make Friends not Contacts. Give don't Take. Help each other, not yourself.  

In 3 solid days I made friends with people who I had never met before in my life yet we all believed in the same thing, entrepreneurship and friendship.

If you have not yet attended a Startup Grind event I highly suggest it because you can bust through barriers both mental and physical and gain great friends and people that believe in your idea and will help you achieve your dreams.

If you think your values resonate with ours apply to start a chapter in your community, state, or country and help us build economy without barriers.