Top 7 Tech Super Bowl Commercials (VIDEO)

There were a lot of technology startup influenced commercials during the Super Bowl last night. Here's a recap on some of the best ones.

Samsung Mobile US: Samsung Galaxy Note

Best Line: "It's got a pen!?!" and "Sumsung? Again."

Overview: The commercial starts with a bunch of hipsters outside of an Apple store during the Super Bowl. All of a sudden another hipster of more formidable hipness takes a picture with his phone and writes on it (hip cred immediately lost). This starts a firestorm that doesn't end until after a cameo from Brian Urlacher, a Victoria Secret model, and an impressive performance by Justin Hawkins of The Darkness. While everyone is excited about the new phone, I can't tell if it's because they dropped for free from the sky, or because they actually like the stylus THAT much. In the end no one actually buys any phones.

Hulu Plus - Huluboratory

Best Line: When a small man in a lab coat mimics the opening sound from Law & Order TV series.

Overview: Hulu has a history of entertaining Super Bowl commercials, and this year they're back but have played it safe with another similar version. Hulu Plus is offering full seasons and episode viewing on you mobile and gaming devices.

Best Buy: Mobile Phones

Best Line: "I created the first text message."

Overview: Watching the Super Bowl was made sweeter when a commercial by Best Buy featured founders across the technology spectrum. From Philippe Kahn (inventor of the camera phone), to James McKelvey (founder of Square), and Kevin Systrom (founder of Instagram). The spot also features the founders of Shazam whose logo kept showing up in commercials. From a startup perspective this was the best commercial.

Other .com commercials that also dropped a few million to get seen yesterday.

Etrade.com - Fatherhood

GoDaddy.com - The Cloud

TaxACT.com - It's Out There

Telefora.com - Adrianna Lima