Upcoming Chicago Event: Logan LaHive, Founder Belly

Belly-Logan-LaHive-2-SmallLogan LaHive—he’s one of those guys who understands the ingredients that make an incredible entrepreneur. (If you’re a Chicago business owner, you get to meet him soon.)

The entrepreneurial recipe is 33.3%  innovation, 33.3% solutions, and 33.3%  determination.

For Logan, entrepreneurship means that  you create something that didn’t exist  before—something that makes life  better for everyone.
So why are we telling you about Logan  LaHive?

Well, if you’re in Chicago (the greatest city in the world) this September, he’s coming to do a fireside chat at Startup Grind’s Chicago headquarters.

Grab your ticket for the September 16 Chicago event, and yes, there will be beer and wine involved in this get-together. But we’re not here to discuss libations; we’re talking about what geniuses like Logan LaHive bring to the table.

Here’s a profile: Logan helped Redbox thrive, even when movies were going online. He’s the reason video games became available for rent in supermarkets and drugstores.

But despite his success, Logan still had an entrepreneurial spark. He had that innovation-solutions-determination cocktail that wouldn’t allow him to work for anyone other than himself.

Belly was born.

Logan’s company Belly has double-edged benefits. As a rewards program, Belly gets customers discounts and increases foot traffic for businesses across the U.S.

Customers win. Business owners win. Logan wins.

This win not only meant that Logan made enough cash to swim in (he did), but he also gained the freedom to start his own business. Mr. LaHive eliminated the pain of cubicle hell.

In other words, there was no 9-to-5 boredom, no boss telling him how to live, and no micro managing. And to most Grinders, that’s worth more than millions in revenue.

But it takes some serious guts to get to that point of freedom—guts and nerves of steel. A while back, Logan gave an interview to Fortune Magazine. We think he summed up this idea pretty well.

“It’s not for the weak. Understanding the level of passion and enthusiasm that it takes in order to impact change and find the best people and get them to follow you is critical. If this is the path that you choose because it’s your calling and your passion, then jump in with both feet. You can’t be an entrepreneur with your toes in the water.”

Running a business is not for the weak. That’s what Logan will talk about during the September 16 Startup Grind Chicago event.

He’ll probably also mention the deal he just inked on August 27. You know 7-Eleven, right? It’s the place with the Slurpees. Belly will now be a prominent feature at over 10,000 locations. How cool is that?!

Not bad for a “small” business owner. Just because you run a tight ship with few team members doesn’t mean you can’t create big revenue and change the world.

We’re not arbitrarily inviting Chicago Grinders to chat with Logan. Nope, we think there’s much to gain from meeting incredible entrepreneurs, such as…

  • Knowing how to spot problems and provide transformative solutions—all of which are the seeds for your business future.

  • Networking with entrepreneurs in your area, learning from them, and forming partnerships.

  • Putting all the B.S. that people spew about life as an entrepreneur behind you, so you can thrive in the most powerful way.

  • Empowering yourself to achieve the great things you were meant to.

About that last bullet: yes, it’s a little schmaltzy, but it’s also true. The fact that you’ve got the entrepreneurial spark means you’ve got a mission to complete.

And that task becomes a thousand times harder when you sit at home instead of taking every opportunity you can learn and grow. So pop yourself on the L, and come on over to 2 N LaSalle St.

Come out to the September 16 Startup Grind event!

Print this out, and stick it on the fridge if you need to:

Who – Logan LaHive, founder Belly
What – Chicago Hosted Event for Awesome Entrepreneurs
Where - Grind, 2 North LaSalle, 14th Floor
When – Tuesday, September, 16 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Why – Freedom and Beer!

You in?