Upcoming Events in August, September, and October


02 August [Singapore, Singapore] Brian Wong (Kiip)

02 August [Mexico City, Mexico] Dan Veltri (Cofundador y Director de Producto de Weebly)

03 August [Tokyo, Japan] Kenta Izumi (Full Speed inc.,)

03 August [Chennai, India] Santosh Panda (Explara)

03 August [Quito, Ecuador] Ernesto Noboa (Lösning Business Solutions; Innövering)

03 August [Silicon Valley, CA] Vladimir Tenev (Robinhood)

04 August [Halifax, Canada] Summer Party (Startup Grind Halifax)

04 August [Florianópolis, Brazil] Lívia Cunha (Dr.CUCO)

04 August [Milwaukee, WI] Deepak Rao (SOLOMO Technology)

04 August [Princeton, NJ] Scott Weingaertner (White & Case LLP)

05 August [Eldoret, Kenya] Eric Kinoti (Shade Systems)

06 August [Port Louis, Mauritius] Jovin Hurry (Akordi Oy)

06 August [Hong Kong, China] Brian Wong (Kiip)

08 August [Kabul, Afghanistan] Suleman Fatimie (Afghanistan Center for Excellence)

08 August [Dublin, Ireland] Summer Social / Birthday Bash (#sgdub)

08 August [Columbus, OH] Stuart Crane + Summer Party to Support Pelotonia (Entrepreneur/Investor)

09 August [Zurich, Switzerland] Pascal Babey (Archilogic)

09 August [Sacramento, CA] Dave McClure (500 Startups)

10 August [Houston, TX] Jack M. Gill Ph.D. (Vanguard Ventures)

10 August [Seattle Eastside, WA] Nick Huzar, CEO (OfferUp)

11 August [San Diego, CA] Cathy Pucher (ZIP Launchpad at SDSU)

12 August [Guadalajara, Mexico] Ivan Cruz (Tequila 916)

15 August [San Francisco, CA] Bryan Johnson (OS Fund, Braintree)

16 August [Curitiba, Brazil] Sandro Vieira (IBQP / Libria)

16 August [New Haven, CT] Ben Berkowitz (SeeClickFix)

16 August [Phoenix, AZ] Spencer Thomason (Clean Router)

17 August [Durban, South Africa] Andy Higgins (Bidorbuy)

17 August [Glasgow, United Kingdom] Evelyn McDonald (Scottish EDGE)

18 August [Seoul, South Korea] YJ Min (Kono)

18 August [Lansing, MI] Timothy Suprise (Arcadia Brewing Company)

18 August [Triangle, NC] Robbie Allen (Automated Insights)

18 August [Monterey Bay, CA] Pascal Finette (Singularity University)

18 August [Los Angeles, CA] Richard Pierson (Headspace)

18 August [Ensenada, Mexico] Claudio Cossio (Nearsoft)

20 August [Nairobi, Kenya] Juliani (Dandora HipHop City)

22 August [Dubai, United Arab Emirates] Walid Singer (Presella)

23 August [San Antonio, TX] Gerald Wilmink (WiseWear)

24 August [Auckland, New Zealand] John Holt (Homes.co.nz)

24 August [Brisbane, Australia] Ryan Murtagh (Neto)

24 August [Melbourne, Australia] The Hon. Philip Dalidakis (Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade)

24 August [Sydney, Australia] Jules Lund (Tribe)

24 August [London, United Kingdom] Summer Party with Ophelia Brown (LocalGlobe)

24 August [Charleston, SC] Milt Alpern (Former CFO, BenefitFocus)

25 August [Chicago, IL] Kayne Grau (DRIVIN)

26 August [Eldoret, Kenya] Kiprop Bundotich (Buzeki Group of Companies)

30 August [Detroit, MI] Mayor Mike Duggan (The City of Detroit)

30 August [Tel Aviv, Israel] Summer Party (Startup Grind)

30 August [Fremont, CA] Amit Kumar (Trimian)

30 August [Seattle, WA] Steve Banfield, CEO (ReachNow)

31 August [Helsinki, Finland] Teemu Arina (Tech CEO, Biohacker, Keynote Speaker)

31 August [Barcelona, Spain] Carlota Pi Amoros (HolaLuz)


01 September [Milwaukee, WI] Marc Cayle (OnKol)

01 September [Toronto, Canada] Bruce Croxon (Lavalife, Round 13 Capital, Dragon's Den)

06 September [Istanbul, Turkey] Nazım Salur (BiTaksi & Getir)

06 September [Brussels, Belgium] Karim (Slaoui)

06 September [Austin, TX] Harlan Beverly (Key Ingredient)

07 September [Halifax, Canada] Jon Medved (OurCrowd)

08 September [San Diego, CA] Felena Hanson (Hera Hub)

12 September [Columbus, OH] Yasmine Lacaillade (Drive Capital)

12 September [Minneapolis, MN] Tom Salonek (Intertech)

13 September [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] Raoul MULHEIMS (Digicash Payments)

13 September [Sacramento, CA] Margaret MacKenzie (Astia)

14 September [Glasgow, United Kingdom] Dr. Glenn Crocker & Toby Reid (BioCity)

15 September [Tirana, Albania] Julien Coustaury (Fil Rouge Capital)

15 September [Princeton, NJ] Mung Chiang (Princeton University)

17 September [Houston, TX] End of Summer Burger Throw-down (Benefiting FoodCrews Houston)

20 September [Tel Aviv, Israel] Sagi Schliesser (TabTale)

20 September [Chicago, IL] Ross Petersen (Blitsy)

21 September [Rome, Italy] Vito Lomele (Snap)

22 September [Triangle, NC] Jeff Hoffman (Skype Event) (Priceline.com (founding Team) and Color Jar)

26 September [New Haven, CT] Michelle Peluso (VC @ Technology Crossover Ventures, Board Member: Nike, ExCEO: GILT, ExCEO: Travelocity, ExCMO: Citi)

26 September [Washington DC, DC] Michelle K Lee (US Patent and Trademark Office)

27 September [SoCal Conference Startup Program, None] Startup Grind Startup Program (Your Company)

27 September [Los Angeles, CA] Startup Grind SoCal

27 September [Fremont, CA] Andrew Dickson (Acre Designs)

29 September [Nairobi, Kenya] Phares Kariuki (Node Africa)

30 September [Eldoret, Kenya] Dr.Julius Kipng'etich (CEO Uchumi Supermarkets Limited)


04 October [Austin, TX] Jason Finkelman (Finkelman Law)

06 October [Milwaukee, WI] Craig Zimmerman (Dynalifter International)

11 October [Sacramento, CA] Mark Haney (Haney Business Ventures)

12 October [Tirana, Albania] Prof. Dan Shechtman, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (With Prof. Veljko Milutinovic and Prof. Petraq Papajorgji)

12 October [Houston, TX] Benjamin A. Hertzog, PhD (Procyrion)

13 October [San Diego, CA] Austin Neudecker (Rev.com)

18 October [Athens, Greece] Andreas Grammatis (Douleutaras)

20 October [Princeton, NJ] Michael Dermer (The Lonely Entrepreneur)

24 October [Minneapolis, MN] Carson Kipfer (SportsEngine)

25 October [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] Jerome WITTAMER (Exponcapital) 

27 October [Triangle, NC] Paul Martino (Bullpen Capital)


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