Veneto is ready to host Startup Grind: get on board!

Startup Grind Veneto is proud to announce its first event, in Treviso, October 20th and business addicts from all industries are invited to come and hear from Leo Sorge, editor-in-chief for some of the most popular Italian magazines and organizer of science and technology shows throughout all main city in Italy.

Veneto Chapter

Veneto is home to some of the most famed names in history, including Marco Polo, as well as seven beautifully landscaped provinces. This region is defined by its beautiful lakes as well as the
Lago di Garda and the Dolomites Mountains, which constitute some of the most scenic pieces of the Alps. In addition to the natural


beauty it has to offer Veneto is one of the largest entrepreneurial area in Italy and hosts lots of small and middle-sized companies making it the perfect environment for Startup Grind to grow and make friends.

Our chapter will focus on Venice and it’s neighbourhood: Padova and Treviso. With our efforts we will make this community as strong as possible.From Asia to America, everyone knows what Venice can offer to tourists but most don't realize the sourrending economic environment that accompanies the beautiful gondoliers and bottles of
prosecco. That is why Startup grind will also focus on making this exciting community.



Guest Speaker: Leo Sorge


Leo Sorge is a master at making the best use out of any content. With a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering he speaks English and French and has basic skills in German and Japanese allowing him to expound upon the benefits of any content to almost any visitors.

Sorge has been the editor-in-chief for many top of the line Italian magazines including Byte Italy, Computer Shopper Italy and PC Upgrade.With a passion for new file formats, he worked with Wind, GulliverTown, Simplicissimus, Da
Capo al Fine, Tiscali, and SeeWeb as well.

But that’s not all. Sorge also organized science and technology shows such as Gamify your soul (@Luiss), Light '10 (Cnr), Inv Factor (Cnr), Più Blog/Digital Café (Rome Book Fair), Cloud Scene, RepRap Day (by himself) in the last years.

Expounding upon his expertise and offering his skills to the world Sorge has authored books about the history of real technology and counterfactual history. He even lends a hand from time to time to his friends under the auspices of a science-fiction novel editor. As an author he participated in anthologies published by Mondadori, Vallecchi, Bietti and others. As a director he wrote and directed Futuristico, a 4-part documentary film about the soul of science fiction.

Our Team


Andrea Povelato, director

Andrea Povelato

Andrea Povelato is the director who is nothing short of passionate about the world of start-ups and entrepreneurialism. With strong connections to the younger start ups Povelato has associated with Founders, Business Angels, Academy, Stakeholders and Crowdfunding Platforms.

For the last few years Povelato has transferred his skills to others in the form of enttrepreneurial classes at both public and private institions. A mentor for all start-ups he has supported the Public and Private Incubators and Business Plan competitions.

Since 2012 he has been a guest speaker throughout Italy on the subject where crowds of over twenty five hundred people have squished together to hear what he has to say.



Mauro Biasolo, Vice-Director

Mauro Biasolo

Mauro Biasolo is the vice director.Mauro has over nine years of experience within the SAP IT project management world. He has led teams around the world in locations such as Singapore, France, UK and Australia. Additionally he has led SAP projects where his responsibilities stretched from sales and marketing, to quality management, as well as supply chain and controlling fields within a matrix corporate structure.

Today Mauro is launching and



Sergio Gugel

Sergio Gugel

Sergio Gugel is an active member of the team responsible for  marketing and internet. Sergio is postgraduated with a Master in Technical Marketing, he covered the area of person in charge for web marketing and some market research for a marketing consulting firm and webagency for 5 years, he worked here for big projects  for largest Italian companies.
Then he covered the area of international business development of an electronic R&D sme for several years.
His focus now is consulting for companies about their business development in relation to the internet world.