Wayne Kimmel Inspires Crowd at PHL Kick-Off Event

"IF YOU'RE NOT FAILING, YOU'RE NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH!" ~ Wayne Kimmel (Artists & Instigators)

If there was a call to action at the conclusion of the event, 50+ inspired, Philly entrepreneurs would have done just that - acted!  And that's half the battle right?  According to Wayne Kimmel, Founder and Managing Partner of Philly-based Venture Capital firm, Artists & Instigators, "If you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough."  He also unleashed his 'Secret Tip' - "Get off the couch and go do!"

On Wednesday May 1st, Startup Grind Philadelphia welcomed Wayne Kimmel in front of a packed-house at Benjamin's Desk.  The inaugural event started at 6pm with entrepreneurs hanging around until almost 11pm.  Wayne was the perfect speaker to kick-off the new chapter.  He was energetic, and the crowd fed off his enthusiasm - Facebook and Twitter were on fire throughout the event.

Wayne described the different ways people typically enter the Venture world, describing his path as a true hustle.  Back in the 1990's, he would often visit the handful of places that most high-net worth individuals hung out like high-end city and suburban restaurants.  He would stand in the lobby, as if waiting for his next meeting, and introduce himself as a Venture Capitalist who "invests in and incubates startup technology companies."  Well after a while, a few important people started to take notice of the kid and his hustle.  With a pocket of new business cards in the left pocket of his pants and hopefully an empty pocket on the right from those cards given out, the kid built one of the most impressive networks in all of Philadelphia.

The rest is history.  The Eastern Technology Fund, now known as Artists & Instigators, has a track record of successful exits like Seamless to Aramark, and a portfolio of companies that include Dwolla, ReverbNation, and Indiegogo.  Keep an eye out on this fund because despite it's size, its brands pack a serious punch!