We are happy to announce the launch of Startup Grind in Tbilisi, Georgia!




We lived in times of artificial uniformity for almost a century. Imagine. ONE CENTURY. Throughout that time all individual initiatives, all kinds of personal developments, private activities, ideas, innovations, even different points of views were hunted and chastised. No one had right to stand out, there was no freedom of choice, no place for individual ownership. Entrepreneurial spirit had vanished from the nation’s DNA. 23 years passed since we got our freedom back. That spirit heavily started to show up. However it’s quite clear it needs more systematic, methodological, fundamental approach and reestablishment.


Thing is that one century is quite a while for nation to be under such pressure. The biggest problem is that people become used to that they have to wait for someone (government, president, prime-minister, international organization, etc.) who will take care of their lives.

We think that the most important initiative in this reality is to create the best possible conditions for people, so they can start taking responsibility on themselves. We need to encourage, teach and train them, share with them international experience, show them how it works, how this spirit of freedom and leadership changes peoples lives. Spirit is there, it is something that lives forever, just needs to be revived and properly nurtured.


Alongside the above-mentioned problems we see enormous opportunities and fascinating prospects for entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in this country. With important geopolitical location and various interesting fields of economy – great climate conditions, different landscapes, active agricultural and touristic sectors, attractive legislative base – still the biggest unexploited territories lay in habits of people.

As soon as an appropriate eco-system is established for entrepreneurs to act, as the start-up initiatives get support, people will start to believe in themselves and their ideas.

So let’s boost this process. Join our community; meet marketers, partners, thought leaders and countries influential entrepreneurs. Learn from them, get used of this unique business environment and make relevant connections. You are the master of your fate, so don’t wait!