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Startup Grind Chengdu started its first event in January 2017. So far we have hosted more than 20 events with over 30 speakers from in and outside of China. Speakers include Steven Hoffman (Founders Space), Trevor Owens (Lean Startup Machine), Tim Luan (Innoway), Florian Bohnert (Mobike), Jean-Francois Vallee (Ubisoft), Sophie Yao (Fenox VC), Yves La Rose (EOS Nation) and Ricky Gu (Busines Big Data). We are a group of entrepreneurs, community builders and event managers and believe that everyone can and should make an impact. We want to gather Chengdu's and China's startup ecosystem and community and empower everyone to grow and create impact together. Our events are hosted monthly and always at different venues. We usually work with Co-Working Spaces, Incubators, Accelerators, Corporates and Innovation Hubs to host the events. By doing so, we are connecting the wider ecosystem together and act as independent hub to be the needed glue in the community.

Upcoming Event

Past Events

The Rise of Digital Currencies in China: Impact & Opportunities Abroad

#SGWomen Month: Female Leaders in Corporate Venture Capital - Lessons from the Frontlines

Beyond the Valley: The Rise of Deep-tech Startups from the Emerging Economies

Fitting into a new market : lessons from Alibaba’s startup-like expansion in France with Kevin LIU

Start small, think big with Diomedes Kastanis

Webinar: Dare to Collaborate: Expediting Performance Materials Growth with Fusion Innovation

Innovation from above? CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and the impact on the Fintech ecosystem

Startup Grind Shenzhen X AWS - AI/ML Series - AI Status, Participants, and Trends

How Mentorship Can Help Startups Power Through COVID-19 Recovery (AWS)

Why China and Europe need each other: inside the mind of a seasoned European investor in Hong Kong

Journey to the West–Opportunities for Chinese startups in Europe, with Leon Ge at Partech Partners

Reinventing Healthcare through AI


We are hosting Antoine S. Bunel (Top 100 China KOL Creative Chef (Fusion Food) TV Host)

Startup Grind Chengdu #35: Startup New Year Party

SG Chengdu Sci-Fi December: Conquering a vertical from merchandising to one-stop shop

Startup Grind Chengdu #33: Looking for the next big thing in “Creative + X” new ecosystem

How to build a disruptive startup in APAC

The wishful thinking and reality of startup life – Where’s the sweet spot?

Startup Grind Chengdu #30 Make “Green” Ideas Profitable!

How to turn customers into advocates?

When GIS empowers Lady Captain Planet – from flood prevention to Smart City

Can gamification and blockchain be the game changer? The takeaways from Faceu's cofounder Paul Hsu

Startup Grind Chengdu #26: Making the Switch - From bus driver to energy entrepreneur

BMW's new China ride-hailing: From a heat to the new sexy (Startup Grind Chengdu #25)

Startup Christmas Party (SGCD#24)

[GEW] Corporate-Startup Culture Clash! MERCK Accelerator's Hong Wa Poon & Mira Zhang

Youth Entrepreneurship, with Michael Lee & Grace Ng & Mia Zhang

Cross-Boarder Investment with Matthew Badalucco (Turret Capital)

Hotness in Food Francise (Xiaolongkan Hot Pot)

Create a Future Community from EOS Community

Chengdu's Bad-Ass Women in Tech

How to ship global gaming blockbusters from China - Jean-Francois Vallee (Ubisoft)

Prof. Marks: How to commercialize research and development? Insights from Biotech and healthcare

Tim Luan (Innoway)

SG Chengdu hosts founder of internet sensation "Ms. Yeah"

Chengdu Startup Christmas Fair and Fireside Chat with Mobike!

Fireside Chat with Charlie Moseley (Tap4Fun)

SG Chengdu is hosting JC Wang, Co-Founder of

Fireside chat with New Zealand IoT Investor & Intellectual Property Attorney: Nick Gerritsen

Brent Pearce & Daniel Zhang (Trendwise & Euclideon) - Chengdu Vol. 5

Steven Hoffman (Founders Space) - Chengdu Vol. 4

Ricky Gu (BBD)

Christine Du (UITS)

Steven Tong (Startupbootcamp)


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