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Startup Grind Hosts Trent Hedge, Co-Founder of Atmos

Founder Forum - Virtual Happy Hour

Global Conference 2021

Startup Grind Hosts Steve Lekas, Co-Founder and CEO of Branch Insurance

Startup Grind Hosts Jonathan Poma, Founder & CEO, Loop Returns

Finite State: Raising 12.5 mil for Cybersecurity

Founder Forum - Virtual Holiday Party

Startup Grind: Reaching Diverse Founders

Startup Grind: How Tandem is Transforming the Babysitting Industry

Founder Forum - Midwest Tech Mixer

Startup Grind Hosts Robbie Friedman of ootBox

Inside the Mind of a Serial Entrepreneur

Founder Forum Virtual Happy Hour

The Art of Redirect During Pandemic

The Can't Stop CBUS story

Disrupting the Adult Beverage Industry

Founder Forum Virtual Happy Hour

Startup Grind hosts Ira Sharfin from Continental Office

Startup Grind hosts Nick Potts from ScriptDrop

Founder Forum Q1

Veeva: Path to a Unicorn and Columbus

Calvin Cooper | Co-Founder & CEO | Rhove

Founder Forum & Holiday Party

Grant Schneider | Columbus HQ2 Leader | Upstart

L Marks: The Business of Enterprise Innovation

Heartland Ventures: Customer Driven Venture Capital

Growing a bank in the heartland > The Heartland Bank story

North Market: More Than A Public Market

One Goal > The Pelotonia Story

Shaping How We Work & Live: The Kaufman Development Story

Startup Grind Hosts Jill Raderstorf, Partner @ Ohio Innovation Fund

We RISE with Troy Allen, Founder, RISE Brands (16-Bit & Pins)

Bold Penguins Take On Insurance

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts David Brown, Harmony Project

Startup Grind Hosts Tara Marling Abraham, Accel

The 15 Year Exit

Startup Grind Hosts Amelia Gandara, Strategic Partnerships, Nationwide Ventures

Storytelling matters. Learn why & how to get better at it from Ruth Milligan.

Startup Grind Hosts Greg Moran, COO, Wiretap

Startup Grind Hosts Zach Weprin, FUSIAN

Startup Grind Hosts Bill Diffenderffer

Startup Grind Hosts Lindsay Karas Stencel, Startup Attorney + Entrepreneur

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts Fred Brothers, Uprising Capital

Startup Grind Hosts Nick Davis, Singularity University

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts Diane Chime, Senior Manager Early Stage Investment for Ohio DSA

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts Bill Forquer, Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts Cheryl Turnbull, OSU Technology Commercialization Office

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts Kevin Pohmer, Fintech Entrepreneur & Investor

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts Vic Thorne, Broadline Capital

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts Jeff Harper, Duet Health

Startup Grind Columbus Hosts Bill Balderaz, Entrepreneur | Investor | Advisor

Joe Anstine (PriorAuthNow)

Dan Manges (ROOT)

Erica Waite (Ikove Venture Partners)

James Moore (Small Business Owners of America)

Derek Andersen (Startup Grind)

Mark Shary (Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor)

Yasmine Lacaillade (Drive Capital)

Stuart Crane + Summer Party to Support Pelotonia (Entrepreneur/Investor)

Jonny Price (Kiva)

Sean Ramsey (Updox)

Pamela Springer (ORIS Intel)

Navin Goyal (SmileMD/Loud Capital)

Ray Shealy (SafeWhite)

Brian Billingsley (Klarna)

Stuart Hunter (roll:)

Andy Jenks (Drive Capital)

Mike Neubig (Capture Education)

Falon Donohue (VentureOhio)

Greg Ubert (CrimsonCup)

Sean Lane (CrossChx)

Ryan Eder (Include Fitness)

Alex Frommeyer (Beam Technologies)

Lenny Kolada (Smokehouse Brewing Company)

Steve Weber (nChannel)

Jason Block (Homage)

Tanisha Robinson (Print Syndicate)

Mike Lanese (SmartCrowdz)

John Huston (Ohio Tech Angels)

Marc Hawk (RevLocal)

Mike Blackwell (TechColumbus)

Jeff Wilkins (Facilities Management eXpress)

Matt Scantland (CoverMyMeds)

Elizabeth Lessner (Columbus Food League)

Rich Langdale (NCT Ventures)

Robert Hatta (Drive Capital)

Wil Schroter (Fundable)

Kelly Mooney (Resource)

Brian Zuercher (SEEN)

Brooke Paul (Founders Factory)

Chris Olsen (Drive Capital)

David DeCapua (TalentRooster)

Tom Walker (TechColumbus)


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