Global Conference

"These are our people"
Sam Altman, Y Combinator
February 23-24, 2016 – Silicon Valley
3,000 Attendees sold out


3,000 Attendees sold out

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With 3,000 founders and investors, more than 40 keynote and fireside sessions, and over 50 exhibiting startups, this is Startup Grind's largest event ever.
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We are a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.
Founded in Silicon Valley, Startup Grind now spans over 200 cities across the world.

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Exhibit your startup in Silicon Valley

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Facilitate exposure to our network of 200+ investors
Demo table in Exhibit Hall (Day 1 or Day 2)
Startup Toolkit from partners
3 all-access event tickets for your team ($1,500 value)
3,000 potential new customers
Possible selection for quickfire startup pitch on main stage
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Attended by Industry Leaders

TechCrunch Forbes The Atlantic The New York Times CNN Fortune Entrepreneur

Building Global Startup Communities

3,000 Attendees sold out

“Startup Grind is some of the best community stuff out there.”

Steve Blank / Startup Owner’s Manual

“The payoff for me and my partner has been the discussions we’ve had as a result of what we’ve learned and experienced here. In a few short days we have made strategic decisions about what our company will and will not do going forward, and it’s because of information we’ve gathered here.”

Joshua Steimle / Forbes

“One of my favorite events.”

Mark Suster / Upfront Ventures

Media Partners


All companies are invited to participate as sponsors by reaching We work with Fortune 50 as well as newly launched companies to reach entrepreneurs around the world. You’ll reach thousands during our event, and tens of thousands online with a mix of digital & on-site reach.

If your business has raised less than $3MM and has fewer than 20 employees, we’d love to invite you to apply to the 2016 Startup Program for a chance to display your company during the conference, be exposed to our network of 200 investors, and enjoy perks like media opportunities and startup service discounts.

The Startup Program is simple and transparent: if chosen, your startup receives 3 VIP 2-day tickets, including access to a display booth for one of these two days. The price of the package is $1,495 — or the same price as 3 regular attendee tickets.

San Francisco (SFO) is the most trafficked airport in the Bay Area, complete with its own airport BART station. It is the closest (15mi/24km) to the Fox Theater. Travelers will get ride the BART to Milbrae, then transfer onto the Clatrain to Redwood City.

Oakland (OAK) is located across the peninsula in the East Bay, offering slightly cheaper airfare and accommodations. It’s furthest (29mi/47km) from the Fox Theater, but offers nearby BART public transit to get into Silicon Valley.

San Jose (SJC) is located at the very bottom of Silicon Valley and is closest to Palo Alto. While not far from the Fox Theater (20mi/32km), SJC doesn’t offer many public transit options.

We usually find the cheapest tickets on Skyscanner, book comfortable housing using Airbnb, and travel with Uber or Lyft. Use code “uberSGConf” for your first ride free.

All the following hotel suggestions are less than a 10 minute drive from the Fox Theater, the Startup Grind Global Conference Venue.

Many guests also choose to stay with local hosts through AirBnB.

223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065
Expect: luxury, concierge service, modern decor.

Atherton Park Inn & Suites Redwood City
2834 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94061
Expect: Central location, business-tier accommodations, free
breakfast & gym.

America's Best Inn & Suites
Marriott TownePlace Suites Redwood City
1000 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065
Expect: Affordable accommodations, natural scenery.

Best Western Plus Executive Suites Redwood City
25 Fifth Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063
Expect: Quiet location, near-luxury accommodations, proximity to Silicon Valley companies.

Red Cottage Inn & Suites
704 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Expect: Near-luxury accommodations, fitness center.

Holiday Inn Express Redwood City-Central
1836 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063
Expect: Business-tier accommodations, concierge service.

Hotel Keen
425 High St, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Expect: Luxury accommodations, central location, free breakfast, wine tastings.

Fairfield Inn & Suites - San Carlos
555 Skyway Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070
Expect: Business-tier accommodations, free breakfast.

Americas Best Value Inn
1562 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070
Expect: Business-tier accommodations, free breakfast, hot tub & sauna.

Sure is, though street side parking is limited near the venue. Luckily, local garages offer more space by the hour. Most garages offer parking for $1.00 to $0.25 per hour, with the first 1.5 hours free, with free parking after 6 PM.

Jefferson Garage: The underground garage on Middlefield between Jefferson and Winslow provides 1.5 hours of free parking. It's your best bet, with 585 spaces.

The Marshall Street Garage: With entrances off of Marshall and off of Broadway offers 1.5 hours of free parking, and $1.00 per hour after.

Winslow Parking Garage: Located on Middlefield close to the Fox Theater, Winslow offers parking for 50 cents per hour.

The Main Street Parking Lot: Located on Main Street by City Hall, this garage offers parking for $1.00 per hour, and free after 6 PM.

Absolutely. The Fox Theater is about 5 minutes walking from the Redwood City Caltrain station. If you’re visiting us from San Francisco, you can easily take the BART to the Millbrae BART station and connect onto Caltrain.

You may also hire a car using Uber or Lyft. Use code “uberSGConf” for your first ride free.

The Caltrain runs between San Francisco and San Jose, with stops covering the entire Bay Area. See the Caltrain schedule here.

BART is San Francisco’s city rail service, and the best way to commute to and from OAK and SFO airports. See Bart locations and schedule here. It may be wise to purchase a Clipper Card, used for all public transit in the Bay Area.

For bikers and rail commuters, thanks for doing your part to save the rainforests!

Yes. Over 100 Startup Grind Directors are flying in from places like Iran, Mongolia, Australia, and China. They’re definitely not stepping away from their businesses, families, and teams without good reason: this is going to be good.

Absolutely! You can enter and exit the event at your leisure so long as you are wearing your Startup Grind armband, which acts as your ticket.

But do us a favor: do not remove, tamper, or attempt to transfer your ticket to another visitor, or we may have to refuse your entry.

You can shower and sleep with your armband on, and if you wear it for the whole year, we guarantee you a free ticket to our next conference. Yes, really.

Thanks for offering your time! We usually receive many applications for just a limited number of volunteer spots, but if you have the right skill set to be an awesome volunteer please fill out this form.

Want to get even more involved? We’re hiring for a Part Time Events Coordinator.

The entrepreneur’s journey can be a winding one, so we’re collaborating with partners like Pivotal and Fiverr to offer scholarships to a limited number of applicants. Apply for your subsidized ticket here.

If you’re a journalist reporting for a major media outlet or a private blogger with a considerable audience, we’d be happy to have you join as our guest. Please email with your name, the name of the outlet for which you’ll report, a link to the site where the article would be published, and the monthly recurring visitors to the media property (if known).

Please note that speaker access is reserved to select media personnel and is not open to most press pass holders.

Ah, bosses — we know the drill. We have an expert team at the ready for these kind of situation: they’ve spent their lifetimes training in the fine art of tasteful wit, persuasive copywriting, and even the dark arts of corporate speak. Send an email to and we’ll make the case on your behalf. But beware! With such great power comes great responsibility — contact wisely.

Though speakers like Vinod Khosla spent over an hour with the audience, most speakers are busy founders who do us the great favor of sharing their time pro-bono exactly because they know we won’t demand much of it. All speakers are encouraged to meet attendees, walk the floor, and enjoy the conference — but we make no guarantees.

There will, however, be hundreds of investors among the audience — many who’d love to meet you. There was over $1 million offered to founders by investors they met during the two days of the event, some who randomly bumped into one another.

Our secret to spotting & connecting with VIPs: say hello to those people who seem relaxed and sit back during networking breaks, as many of them will be those whose networks are already incredible. If they don’t invest, it’s likely they know those who do — so make friends instead of pitching hard.

Want to be matched with investors like these? Apply to our Startup Program.

Aww, we were really looking forward to meeting you. We’re sorry to say we do not issue refunds, but you can definitely exchange your ticket with a friend or business colleague up to a month before the event. Email us at with your name and the name to which you’d like to transfer your ticket, and we’ll get you sorted.

Hope to see you next year!

Yes: comfortable. Expect some people to feel most comfortable dressed in formal business attire – it can be a nice confidence booster. Also expect to mingle with a Silicon Valley crowd that’s most comfortable in casual streetwear, maybe accented with a company hoodie. Keep in mind the amazing people you’ll be meeting at this conference, and dress to impress and connect with them. However you style yourself, make sure it’s respectful of the beautiful venue and other guests attending the event.

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but we ask our guests to stick to business cards at most. Flyers tend to take time and focus away from the conference experience, so nail your pitch instead.

The only exception are paid sponsors, who also receive a booth and other perks at the event. Please email if you’d like to reach the Startup Grind audience. We’d love to work together.

Trust us, we’re big proponents for a simple and inviting US immigration policy for ambitious entrepreneurs and skilled technologists. Unfortunately, we will not be sponsoring visas for attendees to the Startup Grind Global Conference.