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Fireside Chat with Amber LaFrance (President & Executive Publicist of CultureHype)

Fireside Chat with Eric Engineer (Venture Partner at S3 Ventures)

Fireside Chat with Arlo Gilbert (Founding CEO of Osano)

Fireside Chat with Paul Nichols (Executive Director of Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

Fireside Chat with Janie Cooke & Caroline Nix (Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of O-Venture)

Fireside Chat with Scott Murray (Chairman & CEO of Murray Media)

Fireside Chat with Mark Plunkett (Chief Investment Officer and Head of Hilltop Opportunity Partners)

Fireside Chat with Christiana Yebra (CEO of Vouch & Co-Founder of Millennial Clubs)

Fireside Chat with Trey Bowles (Co-founder and Executive Chairman of The Dallas Entrepreneur Center)

Fireside Chat with Joe Beard (Partner at Perot Jain)

Fireside Chat with Matt Konda (Founder of Jemurai)

Fireside Chat with Jim Gable (Bra-Ket Science) and Duncan MacFarlane (SMU)

Fireside Chat with Tammy Carter (CEO of File & ServeXpress)

IBM Holiday Party

Sharon Lyle, Founder and President of Ensemble

Kevin Parke, CEO of YellowFolder

James Johnson, Co-founder of Oaken Innovations

IBM Summer Startup Party!

George Baker, Founder and CEO of ParkHub

Melissa Townsley, CEO and Co-Founder of GIACT

Joshua Baer, Founder and Executive Director of Capital Factory

TJ Person, Founder and CEO of OpenKey

Chris MacFarland, Chairman and CEO of Masergy

Gary Wojtaszek, President and CEO of CyrusOne

Tim Garcia | Apptricity Corporation

Chris MacFarland, CEO of Masergy

Scott Harper, Founder & CEO of Dialexa

Brad Hunstable, CEO & Founder of Ustream, an IBM Company

Dave Copps, Founder & CEO of Brainspace Corporation

Brenda Buell, Founder of Bees Knees Fragrance Co.

Derek Anderson, Founder and CEO of Startup Grind

Larry Huff, Cofounder of Optimal Blue

Gabriella Draney Zielke, Tech Wildcatters

Jason Story (Interlock Partners)

Mark Haidar (Founder & CEO, Vinli)

Ken May (Topgolf)

Steve Hall (Founder & President, driversselect)

Garrett Boone (Co-founder of The Container Store)

Gail Warrior (Warrior Elements)

Chad Houser (Cafe Momentum)

Michael Pratt (Panamplify)

Jeff Sinelli (Which Wich)

Dave Copps (Brainspace)

Nick Kennedy (Founder of Rise)

Ben Lamm (CEO / Founder at Chaotic Moon Studios)

Lance Crosby (Former CEO of SoftLayer)

Dale Carman (Founder of Reel FX)

Doug Levy (CEO of Tapgoods)

Luria Petrucci (Founder of Geeks Life)

Katherine Nelson (Founder of RedKatalyst)

Brian Schultz (CEO of Studio Movie Grill)

Baxter Box (CEO of RewardStyle)

Sunny Vanderbeck (CEO of Satori Capital)

George Karidis (Chief Stratgey Officer of SoftLayer)

Will Bunker (Founded One-and-Only.com, now Match.com)

Bernie Perrine (HipLogiq, Former Partner of Kinko's)

Ladar Levison (Lavabit)

Herb Weitzman (The Weitzman Group)

Mandy Ginsberg (Tutor.com CEO - Former Match.com CEO)

Tim Garcia (Apptricity Corporation)

Carl Sparks (President and CEO of Travelocity)

Lawrence Huff and Ivan Darius (Optimal Blue)

Patrick Brandt (Chairman & CEO, Zimbra)

Matt Rutledge (Founder of Woot)

Jack Blount (General Partner at Bold Star Ventures)

Shridhar Mittal (CA Technologies, CEO of ITKO)

Nina Vaca (CEO of Pinnacle)

Jere Thompson (Co-Founder and CEO of Ambit Energy)

Michael Segrest & John Adler (Silver Creek Ventures)

Chris Fagan (Key Ring)

Gabriella Draney (Tech Wildcatters)

Brad Hunstable (Ustream)

Paul Bettner (Words With Friends)

Charles Vogt (GENBAND)

Phil Romano (Founder Fuddruckers/Macaroni Grill)

Sanjiv Sidhu (o9, i2 Technologies)


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