Nour Al Hassan (Tarjama & UREED)

Saturday, July 20, 2019, 3:30 – 5:30 PM UTC

Our next fireside chat will host Nour Al Hassan of Tarjama and Ureed.

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Our next fireside chat will host Nour Al Hassan of Tarjama and Ureed.

Nour Al Hassan is a female founder and CEO of two companies that specialize in linguistic services and translation -- Tarjama and UREED. Building on the success of Tarjama, which she founded in 2008, she realized there was a demand to leverage the power of the internet to connect businesses and freelancers across the region through a digital marketplace called Ureed.

Ureed, which means "I want", is an on-demand tool that creates jobs for the freelance workforce while at the same time gives businesses of any size access to a pool of talent who can translate quality content, in more than 30 languages, including Arabic, English, and French instantly.

Nour has spent her career creating and building a vast network of translators, editors, and linguists from the Middle East and around the world through Tarjama, a renowned translation company, which has translated more than 200 million words in 30 languages for companies and organizations across the world. For nearly a decade, Nour has pledged her time and expertise to empower females across the region, and she is continuing to this day to break barriers and drive the female workforce across the GCC and beyond.

With more than 15 years of experience, Nour is an Aspen Fellow, a certified life coach, and a member of both the advisory board at Saint Joseph University in Lebanon. She is a mentor to start-ups, spends time speaking to entrepreneurs and empowering the ecosystem in MENA to promote the value creation potential of the region. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Al-Ahlia University in Jordan.

Moderator: Mohammed Salah, Director of Startup Grind Amman.

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