#SGPanel: Future of Events

Thu, Feb 25, 2021, 8:00 PM (EET)

About this event

Our Chapter Director Mo Salah and Valentina Primo of Startups Without Borders are hosting Marija Rucevska, the co-founder of TechChill, Sebastien Toupy ex-head of startups at The Next Web, and Giulia Motteran, 4YFN Global Engagement Manager at GSMA, to discuss the future of the events industry.

Over the years Marija has left an indelible handprint on the local and regional startup scene in Latvia and the Baltics. As a co-founder of Helve, a company that designs open innovation concepts for both the private and state sectors, she works with ambitious organizations committed to creating the future, instead of being disrupted by it. She is also the force of nature behind the Baltic startup and tech event TechChill and has been instrumental in driving the growth of the non-profit organization going by the same name. As Co-founder and Chair of the Board, she ensured that her passion as an evangelist for the Baltics as a startup-friendly location was translated into concrete policy. TechChill is now the leading platform in the Baltics for matching startup entrepreneurs, disruptors, investors, and others with an interest in the sector.

Giulia is a multidisciplinary nerd for all things tech with a complicated love story with ancient manuscripts. Passionate about bringing people together to enable new ideas and projects for a better and more interesting future. Currently building bridges between 4YFN (GSMA) and the top tech communities around the world (hubs, accelerators, institutions) through partnerships and collaborations and leading the 4YFN Impact Programme.

Sebastien is an entrepreneur, community builder & people-connector. He has a lot of passion for startups, technology, and social impact. I currently dedicate my time to designing and running programs & events that help startup founders to build successful, inclusive & sustainable ventures.

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