Women in VC: How to Break a Massive Ceiling

Sun, Dec 12, 2021, 5:00 PM (EET)

About this event

In partnership with Startups without Borders Summit, we are hosting a panel discussion on Women in VC, the panel will be hosting Laila Hassan, General Partner at Algebra Ventures, Misbah Naqvi, Co-Founder and General Partner at i2i Ventures, Anna Wnuk-Błażejczyk, Investor Relations Manager, Experior Venture Fund, and Rasha Tantawy, Head of Entrepreneurship, ITIDA.

Meet our speakers:

Laila Hassan, General Partner at Algebra Ventures

Laila joined Algebra Ventures as General Partner for the VC’s second fund in 2021. She is currently a Venture Partner at 500 Startups where she joined in 2019 to lead on strategy. She brings a wealth of expertise to the team through her experience in investment banking, private equity, and venture capital. Her focus is on due diligence and later stage deals, hence she has been the one leading 500 Startups on more detailed due diligence efforts for follow on investments.

Misbah Naqvi, Co-Founder and General Partner at i2i Ventures

Misbah is General Partner and Co-Founder at i2i Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund focusing on tech-enabled high-growth startups in Pakistan. i2i Ventures has invested in 8 companies in Pakistan since 2019. i2i Ventures takes an evidence-based approach in its work and provides a unique value proposition to its portfolio companies by leveraging its founders’ experience in the Pakistan startup space, and its sister entity Invest2Innovate's ongoing startup entrepreneurship support programs and comprehensive ground-breaking research on the market. Misbah has 20+ years of global experience in corporate finance, entrepreneurship, impact investing, fintech, and development in Pakistan and the US.

Anna Wnuk-Błażejczyk, Investor Relations Manager, Experior Venture Fund

Anna has many years of experience in office administration and project management. Before she joined the Fund she had worked as a Head of the Office of Aleksander Kwasniewski, President of Poland in the year 1995-2005, as a Head of the Office of Paged S.A. and as a Manager at a leading plastic surgery clinic in Poland. After joining the VC market she has been responsible for reporting, analysis, and corporate governance monitoring in the portfolio. She has taken over the position of the Head of Community of European Women in VC, managing the network and keeping the community live through newsletters, everyday contact, organization of various events, and meet–up. She grew up in Norway, and spend plenty of her adult life in Kenya working with several NGOs in the region.

Rasha Tantawy, Head of Entrepreneurship, ITIDA

Rasha is the head of Business Support and Entrepreneurship at the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), ITIDA. Rasha has built extensive networks and assets in the global entrepreneurial marketplace. An entrepreneur herself is currently onboard her company; AGTA packaging. Prior to her position in government, Rasha worked in construction management as the regional manager of HartMannEgypt. Rasha joined TIEC at its inception, heading the Entrepreneurship department and developing policies for tech startups such as the Accelerator program, and the Venture Studio. 

The panel will be moderated by Mo Salah, Entrepreneur in Residence and Team Lead, Seedstars, and Chapter Director, Startup Grind.

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