Entrepreneurial Leadership with Ermias Russom founder BIETNA ONLINE MASTERY

Saturday, October 17, 2020, 3:00 – 4:00 PM UTC

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About this event

In this fireside chat, Startup Grind Asmara has invited Mr. Ermias Russom, an Eritrean Multi-talented Startup Founder, Entrepreneur, Business Leader, and Experienced in all aspects of business formation and management to talk about Entrepreneurial Leadership. The traditional corporate mindset focuses on systems and processes, on the other hand entrepreneurial leadership is more risk oriented. Entrepreneurial leadership involves organizing and motivating a group of people to achieve a common objective through innovation, risk optimization, taking advantage of opportunities, and managing the dynamic organizational environment.

With the unpredictable times, situations and environments, small businesses and enterprises are looking for business leaders with entrepreneurial mindset. But what is Entrepreneurial Leadership? What are the key qualities of an Entrepreneurial Business Leader? Why do we need Entrepreneurial Leadership? How to become an entrepreneurial Leader? Questions like these and more will be discussed in the event.

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