The Intersection of Identity, Creativity & Business with Swakara Atwell-Bennett (BetterShared)

Thu, Aug 27, 2020, 7:00 PM (EAT)

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Artists and creatives exist at the intersection of who they are, how they express themselves and how they earn a living (identity, creativity & business). True freedom should lie at finding the perfect balance, right?

Structural inequalities across the world, held in place by racism, sexism, ableism and classism, affect how artists and creatives work towards finding this balance. Collaboration with each other is one way to strip these falsehoods (racism, sexism, ableism and classism) of their power and move us towards a world where key resources are easily available to all.

Frustrated by the fact that African and Caribbean artists were largely underrepresented in the art world, Swakara Atwell-Bennett launched BetterShared, a platform to discover and shop contemporary art by some of today's most exciting emerging artists from Africa and the diaspora.

Since it's inception Swakara has spent time getting to know the work of more than 200 talented artists and connecting this network to brands and buyers to deliver artwork, commissions, authentic campaigns and bespoke events designed to connect art collectors and artists online and in person.

Check out BetterShared:

This event is for

Artists from across the continent and the diaspora who are creating art and building communities that support other artists.

Collectors/ brands/ buyers who want to connect with artists and contribute to building up a solid ecosystem.

Creatives who are determined to make a living without losing their identity and freedom of expression.


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  • Swakara Atwell-Bennett

    Swakara Atwell-Bennett


    Founder & Curator

    Swakara Atwell-Bennett is the Founder of BetterShared; an Art marketplace for Contemporary African Art. Frustrated by the fact that African and Caribbean artists were largely underrepresented in the art world, Swakara Atwell-Bennett launched the BetterShared platform enabling up and coming artists from the African diaspora to showcase and sell their work on a global scale.

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