Hamish Nuttall (Digile)

GridAKL - 101 Pakenham Street West Auckland, 1010 Auckland
Tue, Jul 11, 2017, 6:00 PM (NZST)

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Hamish Nuttall was the founder and former CEO of The Naked Bus company. He learnt many lessons and made plenty of mistakes too but ultimately he succeeded in building an amazing company that regularly moved more than 700,000 Kiwis a year around New Zealand. Hamish ran the company like a startup, using Agile and Lean to innovate and constantly change the business model.

What he learnt is that to succeed you MUST be DOING the things that others are still only thinking about. You need to innovate relentlessly and you must be planning for the world as it will be in 10 years time, rather than how it is today.

Now he is helping others to achieve the same. Hamish ran Naked Bus as a startup, using repeatable processes to bake high growth into its DNA. Using Agile (to get results fast) and Lean Startup (to deliver products that customers want), not just in IT, but right across the business to drive it forward with minimum viable products (MVP), allowed Hamish to focus on customer pain points and deliver a +65 Net Promoter Score.

Among many initiatives, Hamish launched a lie-flat sleeper bed service between Auckland and Wellington as an MVP, in six weeks from conception to launch. In his new business, Digile, Hamish is currently assisting businesses, as a virtual Chief Digital Officer, understand where they need to go, what the customer pain points are and how to overcome them, and how to do that effectively. Hamish helps businesses figure out what to do, test and measure and deliver customer-focused change quickly.



Tuesday, Jul 11
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (NZST)


101 Pakenham Street West Auckland1010

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