Steve & Seth McLaughlin, founders of Court Grabbers, lead our first Inventors Fireside Chat

January 18, 2018 / 6:00 PM

About this event

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our inaugural event in November. We had a great turnout, a great fireside chat and some fantastic connections were made. We'll be following that event up with an Inventors Fireside Chat.

So many amazing concepts and creations come out of the Baltimore startup community, and Harbor Designs is a hotbed of brain power. They have graciously offered to host our January event, and several of the talented inventors that work out of their space will be on hand to show off their creations. Come on out, meet like minded folks, check out the Harbor Design space and learn about future innovations coming out of Baltimore.

Our Inventors Fireside Chat will feature Steve & Seth McLaughlin, founders of Court Grabbers and Myra Donnelly with Eniware. Steve was featured on Steve Harvey's Funderdome for his invention. Court Grabbers are super lightweight equipment that lace onto your shoes to allow you to instantly restore the World's Best Traction to your shoes at anytime on the court, during play, without using your hands! ​No more slipping on the court or wasted energy constantly wiping your shoes for traction.

Myra will be showcasing Eniware, which provides portable, power-independent medical instrument sterilization for surgical care in any setting. Essential surgical procedures can be performed safely and cost-effectively if three basic requirements can be met: availability of trained healthcare personnel, delivery of anesthesia, and sterile instruments. Eniwire covers that third need.

There are many other inventions on hand at Harbor Designs that you'll be able to see and learn about, all while enjoying time to mingle and meet with other folks in the Baltimore startup scene.


Steve & Seth McLaughlin (Court Grabbers)

Steve & Seth McLaughlin

President - Court Grabbers

Steve McLaughlin grew up in Harford County, Joppa. He went to Edgewood High and has a B.S from York College in 1982. Currently, he lives in York with his wife Dawn, his daughter Sarah (21), and son Seth (17). Steve worked as residential Mortgage Consultant for 30 years. In October 2010, he began working on Court Grabbers after watching Seth and 4 teammates fall all over a local church court.

Seth McLaughlin is a 17 year old senior at Central York High. He plays baseball and basketball and is the secretary of FBLA and will be attending West Chester State University in 2018, Business finance.

Seth and Steve developed their equipment to finally give players, in all indoor sports, the ability to control their traction where you play-ON THE COURT, WITHOUT USING YOUR HANDS.

The inspiration for Court Grabbers® came while observing Seth, then 10 years old, and his teammates repeatedly slipping and falling at basketball practice.

All of the boys on the team had brand new shoes and in spite of this, they were falling all over court! They thought there had to be a solution to the problem other than the old, ineffective "solutions" of sticky mats and wet towels, and the very unhealthy habit of wiping your shoes with your hands or licking your hands and wiping your shoes.

​All previous "solutions" have the same major flaw- they are applied off the court and quickly wear off once you walk on the court. We realized that what was needed was a way to clean the dust off your shoes while you are on the court, playing. It had to be light so the player would not feel it on the shoe, and it had to be durable and not cause any problems on the court.

They knew this would be a tremendous benefit to players in basketball, volleyball, racquetball and all indoor court sports. So Seth (now 17) and Steve began developing actual equipment that attaches to the shoe and restores incredible traction anywhere on the court, during play!  

Court Grabbers has patents in the US and Canada, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Australia, China in both Steve and Seths names. They were selected by the NSGA (National Sporting Goods Association) as one of 10 products featured in their first "Innovation Arena" at their conference in May of 2015 in Austin Texas.

Steve appeared on Steve Harvey's Funderdome, July 2017. (Episode 6

Date and Time
January 18, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Harbor Designs & Manufacturing
1100 Wicomico St., Suite 600
Baltimore, 21230
6:00 pm Warm up/Catch up
6:45 pm Inventor's Fireside Chat
7:45 pm General mingling

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