How Black Leaders are Making Waves In Their Society

Oct 19, 2020, 6:00 – 7:00 AM

Startup Grind is Celebrating this October as a black leader month where we are trying to provide a platform where black leaders can tell the world how they are making waves in their society.

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Startup Grind is Celebrating this October as a #BlackLeadersMonth where we are trying to provide a platform where black leaders can tell the world how they are making waves in their society.

is Margaret Osolo from Kenya.

Margaret Osolo Odhiambo is a Global Health Advocate with a passion for science; having extensive knowledge, experience, and programming in health & humanitarian action with an intersection of diseases, disasters, and displacements.

She is keen on integrating essential and context-appropriate healthcare in communities, emergencies, and humanitarian crises. Previously engaged in and pioneered health programmings: Child and Adolescent Health; Childhood Cancers; Blood Safety; Prevention, Treatment, and Management of the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs); Research & Advocacies, Emergencies, and Urban Disasters.

She works as the Health Lead at Streetwise- Kenya, coordinating and facilitating health, well-being, and safety of homeless children, young adults, and families living in the streets and street-connected situations in Nairobi.

She co-founded The Gold Culture, an advocacy platform for childhood cancers, injuries, and blood disorders facilitating health literacy, access to timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment, medical financing and mental health support promoting resilience and hope to paediatric patients and their families.

Her engagement, advocacy and programming portfolio spans in child- and youth-centered health in communities and humanitarian crisis, having worked with children and youth living in the streets and street-connected situations; paediatric patients suffering from cancers, chronic medical conditions and disabilities; and young people at the forefront of responding to and affected by disasters.

She serves in the Kenya Red Cross Society- National Youth Council as a regional lead, pioneering and overseeing humanitarian engagement, development and representation of the children and young people.

She is a member of the One Young World Healthcare Working Group.

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