AI reshapes Healthcare with Merck China & ZhenFund

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Thu, Mar 25, 6:30 PM (CST)

人工智能正在成为医疗健康行业的变革性力量。从慢性疾病,癌症到放射学和风险评估,人工智能技术有几乎无穷的应用机会,在合适的时机给患者护理部署更精确,有效和有影响力的干预措施。3月25日,我们将与默克中国创新中心高级经理熊耿和真格基金副总裁(医疗健康领域负责人)陈高鹏一起参加会议,深入探讨AI在健康行业中的应用趋势和前景,当前行业面临的挑战,以及通过人工智能技术(例如大数据和机器学习)解决这些挑战的方法。当天默克也将带来新一轮默克中国加速器项目的介绍,解答加速器项目招募和申请标准及项目细节。 这次活动是Hybrid活动,请您提前注册! This is a Hybrid Event, please register in advance! 如何有疑问可以联系! If you've Qs, email!

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Artificial intelligence is becoming a transformational force in the healthcare industry. From chronic diseases, cancer to radiology and risk assessment, there are nearly endless opportunities to leverage this technology to deploy more precise, efficient, and impactful interventions at precisely the right moment in a patients' care.

Join us on March 25th together with Ken Xiong, Senior Manager at Merck China Innovation Center, and Gaopeng Chen, Vice President (Head of Healthcare) at ZhenFund, to dive deep into trends and prospects of AI application in the health industry, the current challenges that the industry is facing, and ways of solving those challenges through AI technologies such as big data and machine learning.

At this event, Merck will also introduce their Accelerator program and answer questions regarding the program recruiting criteria and other details.


This event will be held in Chinese!

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Thursday, Mar 25
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CST)


ITALIA 意达库斯中意创新孵化器
东城区 北京市东城区和平里西街51号 雍和壹中心A座创新楼北门 Beijing100000

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