AKKADU - A Story of a Foreign Startup in China

Wed, Jun 24, 2020, 6:30 PM (CST)

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Startup Grind Beijing together with Startup Grind Tbilisi presents


A Story of a Foreign Startup in China

From the Tower of Babel to Covid-19: Transformation and investment rounds for an AI and Human translation startup

Every year in May and this year in June, Startup Grind hosts #SGWomen Leaders Month - proudly recognizing the accomplishments of successful women leaders all over the world. These women are founders, venture capitalists, engineers, executives and more, who represent our community. They are the women who exemplify profound leadership skills, hard-work, humility, and success and demonstrate their strength with devotion to the work they do every day.

每年的5月,今年在6月,Startup Grind都会举办“女性领袖月”活动,以表彰世界各地成功女性领袖的成就。这些女性是创始人、风险投资家、工程师、高管等等,她们代表着我们的社区。她们表现出杰出的领导才能、辛勤工作、谦逊以及成功,并以对自己每天所做工作的奉献来展示自己的力量。

This time Startup Grind Beijing is happy to host Eve Zhao - Co-Founder and VP at Akkadu and celebrate our #100 event anniversary.

这次创业磨坊北京很高兴邀请到Eve Zhao——Akkadu的联合创始人兼副总经理,来庆祝我们的第100次活动庆典。

In April 2018, China, Eve met Alvaro from Spain who was working on a translation subtitle solution called Akkadu on a StartupGrind event in Beijing, as she wanted to explore how to do a startup project in language service industry and translation subtitle was quite hot at that time, so she soon decided to team up with Alvaro and his co-founder Tuomo, a machine learning engineer from Finland. Very interesting, Alvaro and Tuomo also knew each other through StartupGrind network! Later on in June 2018, Akkadu pivoted to a remote simultaneous interpreting platform.

Eve于2018年4月在中国北京的创业磨坊活动上遇到了来自西班牙的Alvaro,Alvaro当时正在做一个名为Akkadu的翻译字幕解决方案,Eve彼时正想探索如何在语言服务行业创业,而翻译字幕当时很热,所以她很快决定与Alvaro和他的联合创始人Tuomo(来自芬兰的机器学习工程师)合作。非常有趣的是,Alvaro和Tuomo也是通过创业磨坊的人际网络认识对方! 后来在2018年6月,Akkadu调整了方向,尝试成为远程同声传译平台。

Currently, with 10 team member from 8 different countries, Akkadu evolved into a remote simultaneous interpreting platform connecting human interpreters and event organisers who need interpretations service globally, making simultaneous interpreting service much easier to be delivered, generating revenue and closed a 3.6M seed round investment in September, 2019, backed by a Top-3 voice recognition company in China. Akkadu is still on the way of iterating based on market and user needs. Eve looks forward to seeing anyone who is interested in high quality and inspiring multilingual content can be benefit by Akkadu in the future! And through Akkadu, people around the world can better know, respect and communicate with each other!

目前,Akkadu由来自8个不同国家的10名团队成员组成,已发展成为一个远程同声传译平台,该平台可以让世界各地的口译员与那些需要口译服务的活动组织者连接,获取同传服务变得非常便捷,该平台已产生收入,并在2019年9月完成了360万种子轮投资,其投资公司得到中国排名前三位的语音识别公司支持。 Akkadu仍在根据市场和用户需求不断进行迭代。Eve期待看到任何对高质量且有启发性的多语言内容感兴趣的人,都能在未来因Akkadu而受益,通过Akkadu,世界各地的人们可以更好地相互了解,相互尊重和沟通!

We could not wait to hear from Eve the experiences that Akkadu went during COVID-19 when offline events got canceled, what problems did they face, what’s new with Akkadu and most importantly how did they start it.


Join us on 24 June at 6:30pm (China Time) to get inspired and learn about:


1.Story of Akkadu


2.Investment rounds for human and AI translation startup


3. Transformation with new reality




6:30 PM - 7:00: Welcoming & Networking 欢迎与交流

7:00 PM - 7:10 PM: Introduction 介绍

7:10 PM – 8:00 PM: Fireside Chat and Q&A with Eve Zhao 炉边谈话和问答(和Eve Zhao)

8:00 PM - 8:30 PM: After Party 会后派对

Language: The event is held in English & Live Translation to mandarin will be live-streamed on Akkadu.




Akkadu is a platform streaming content in different languages by using remote simultaneous interpreters. Combining the best of human and AI translation, we strive to revolutionize the internationalization of online content. Akkadu gives the audience the opportunity to listen and learn in their own language. Akkadu gives every language a voice and every voice a listener.



Wednesday, Jun 24
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM (CST)

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