China B2B Marketing, PR & Communications to Up Your Brand & Lead Generation

Fri, Jun 18, 9:00 AM (CST)

About this event

Many of us think PR is reserved only for Multinational Corporates that generate millions of dollars each month. This presumption is far from the truth - that is why on Friday, 18th June 2021 at 9:00 AM we have invited the PR expert - Simon Vericel, the Managing Director and Founder of Influence Matters to discuss:

  • How startups and SMEs can achieve their China Success effectively & efficiently through marketing and PR?
  • Best practices to enhance brand credibility, brand awareness, online and offline presence.
  • What to expect and how do you maximize ROI through Influencer marketing in the B2B industry?

Don't miss out on this engaging and insightful event. Prepare your questions, and we look forward to seeing you soon!



  • Simon Vericel

    Simon Vericel

    Influence Matters

    Founder & Managing Director

    Simon is a geek, an entrepreneur, passionate about the mechanisms of influence, and can’t stay away from news portals.  He leads Influence Matters with the vision that only great work will drive the agency’s growth, so he puts clients’ results before anything else at work. His wife and 3 children are the bosses at home.

    Simon specializes in creating impactful ways to activate ecos...

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