Culture of Innovation

Thu, May 14, 2020, 7:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Startup Grind was more than honoured to have joined hands with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in April to bring to you the AWS Mentorship Month, connecting startups in whole China as well as globally with the knowledge and key learnings to power through COVID-19 using mentorship as a key tool.

This time, Startup Grind Beijing will speak with Warren Li, Senior Business Development Manager for Venture Capital, Accelerators and Incubators at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

创业磨坊非常荣幸在四月份与 AWS,为您带来了“导师主题月”。内容包括在COVID-19的大背景下,中国的初创企业如何利用导师的知识、学习和关键技巧,来恢复势能。

这次,我们将与AWS 资深初创生态业务拓展经理李淼鑫(Warren Li)交谈- ,他负责亚 AWS 的初创生态风险资本、加速器和孵化器的业务拓展。

We are in an extraordinary time for innovation as technological change and industry disruption seem to be accelerating. In order to assure that enough amount of innovation is supported and promoted by management and employees, it is crucial to set culture of innovation as the framework for every innovation activity in the organization. In this way, a positive culture will be embraced in the corporate culture that determines the written and unwritten values, norms and attitudes in an organization that will eventually influence the way employees think and act. And this will help lead to the ultimate success of innovation.

Do not miss this webinar on 14th May at 7 pm (Beijing Time), if you would like to learn more and are seeking advice on culture of innovation:

1. What is it and why you should implement it in your business/organization?

2. Why is it important to do it right and what are common mistakes?

3. How does culture of innovation help you to hire great people?

4.Why is culture of innovation especially important now during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to tackle it in this special situation?



1. 创新文化是什么?为什么您应该在您的业务/组织中实施它?

2. 为什么创新文化很重要?什么是常见错误?

3. 创新文化如何帮助您雇佣人才?

4. 为什么创新文化在COVID-19大流行期间特别重要?以及在这个特殊情况下如何处理它?


  • Warren Li

    Warren Li

    Venture Capital, Accelerators and Incubators at Amazon Web Services

    Senior Business Development Manager

    Warren leads the early stage startup business development team for AWS Greater China. Prior to AWS, Warren was an investment Vice President for Lunar Capital, a mid market buyout PE firm in China. Before Luna, Warren worked as a strategy consultant at Deloitte and McKinsey, advising fortune 500 clients on growth and market entry strategies. Warren graduated from INSEAD with an MBA degree and...

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    Thursday, May 14
    7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CST)

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