Gamification 2.0: learning and innovating through play - 游戏化2.0:在游戏中学习和创新

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Gamification 2.0: learning and innovating through play


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What is gamification? Traditionally it has meant borrowing concepts from games to spice up a product, service or campaign, usually taking the form of leaderboards, badges, points and levels. We think this definition is too simple and outdated - and there is so much more that we can learn from games.

什么是游戏化?传统上,它意味着从游戏中借用概念来做产品、服务或活动以增添趣味,通常采用排行榜、徽章、积分和关卡的形式。但我们认为这个定义过于简单和过时 - 我们可以从游戏中学到更多东西。

After holding its first public seminar in Shanghai in April, Press Start Hong Kong is coming to Beijing for the first time - and we'd like to invite you on our journey to explore the world through games.

4月份在上海举办首次公开研讨会后Press Start Hong Kong首次来到北京 - 来邀请您加入我们通过游戏探索世界的旅程。

What we will talk about?


To set the context, we’ll go through a brief history of games and explore the historical and societal importance of games, before an introduction of game design principles, the design cycle, our interpretation of gamification, and a short academic dissection of game-based program and curriculum design.


We will close with some case studies and stories from our portfolio to illustrate the power of games and show a glimpse of a compelling future where learning and innovation is hands-on, fun and engaging.


What we will explore?


- Games: A journey through time

- 游戏:时间之旅

- The rule of 7: A discussion on Monopoly and luck

- “规则7”:关于垄断和运气的讨论

- Game design principles and the design cycle

- 游戏设计原则和设计周期

- Games vs. play vs. gamification

- 游戏 vs. 玩耍 vs. 游戏化

- Gaming psychology and the importance of flow

- 游戏心理学和流动的重要性

- Game-based program and curriculum design: Case studies and examples

- 基于游戏的项目和课程设计:案例研究和实例

Join us for a comprehensive session that has inspired educational institutions and corporations across Asia, learn how you can create your own fun, interactive and educational experiences, and see how you, too, can change the world through games! Ideal for educators, school administrators, and professionals in corporate innovation, intrapreneurship, strategy and talent development.

快加入我们来了解Press Start Hong Kong这个激励了亚洲各地教育机构和企业的全方面项目,了解如何创建自己的有趣,互动和教育体验,并了解如何通过游戏改变世界! 非常适合教育工作者、学校管理者以及在企业创新、个人创业、战略和人才发展方面有所建树的专业人士。



Thursday, Aug 22
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (CST)


Kr Space (International Trade Zhonghai Plaza Community) - 氪空间(国贸中海广场社区)
Middle Floor, Zhonghai Square, No. 8 Guanghua Dongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing - 北京市朝阳区光华东里8号中海广场中楼 Beijing100020

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