Healthcare Meets Big Data 医疗健康“遇上”大数据 | October 28th

Beijing Vanke Center - Nongzhan South Road A-No.1 Beijing, 100000 Beijing
Sat, Oct 28, 2017, 2:00 PM (CST)

About this event

Learn about smart condoms and digital health innovation in China @ Startup Grind Beijing.

In healthcare, digital transformation is impacting broadly and deeply, disrupting business models, services, regulations, and skills supply and demand. 'Big health’ is transforming China.


Big Data in Healthcare

Big data in healthcare refers to the aggregation of multiple aspects of healthcare-related information covering the full life-cycle of a large constituency of people, covering personal health,medical services, disease control and prevention, food safety, health preservation, among other things.


Who Should Come?

This event is the right place to learn from and mingle with some of the brightest healthcare and data experts in the industry. You should come, if you are looking for the next investment opportunity, a practical advice for your startup development, a change of profession, or just want to broaden your horizon in one of the most fascinating and vibrant industries in China.


About Our Speakers

Biman Najika Liyanage

Biman is nominated for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia for the class of 2017 in the Field of Healthcare and Sciences. Biman is a researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur who has co-founded several technology ventures in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong focusing on Mobile Internet Technology and Smart material based wearable technologies. He founded a number of tech companies including Bidup, CirQ Technologies, he is also the partner of Tamo Tech.

Biman是一名科研工作者,也是创新者和创业家,他分别在北京、上海和香港联合创立了几家科技风投,专注于移动互联网技术和基于智能材料的可穿戴技术。同时,他还创立了一些科技公司,包括Bidup和CirQ Technologies,他也是Tamo Tech的合伙人。Biman被提名为2017年医疗健康和科技领域亚洲地区30位30岁以下商业领袖。

Biman has worked in many areas ranging from Sensor Design for UAV’s to Fashion technology cooperating with many fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Intel, Tencent etc. As a highlight, he worked with Chinese Television Network (CCTV) integrating wearable technology in Spring festival gala synchronizing 165 dancers through real-time gesture recognition. His work has been featured in national and international media including CRI, CCTV, The Nation, Forbes etc.


Sean Konieczny

Sean is a tech entrepreneur and an extensive traveler. While in Asia, he settled in Beijing and co-founded the digital health data company Temple to provide precision healthcare services that correspond with user health data. The platform was then acquired by one of China’s largest healthcare platform Jijiankang.


Sean is an energized individual who is invigorated by the innovation of health, technology and lifestyle products. He is an expert in product management, interactive design, and digital strategy. He has extensive knowledge in user experience, merchandising, and marketing for both online and offline products. Sean’s track-record contains adequate entrepreneurial understanding, including cross-functional team development, navigating strategic opportunities, and thriving in ambiguity.

Sean活力充沛,对医疗健康、技术和生活方式产品方面的创新充满热情。他是产品管理、互动设计和数字化策略方面的专家,在线上和线下产品的用户体验、商品销售和市场营销方面拥有丰富的知识。 Sean对创业有着独到的见解,尤其是在跨职能团队的发展、战略机会的把握和发展方向的辨别方面。

With extensive experience in Asia, Sean’s diverse skill-set and cultural exposure gives him an advantage in multi-cultural environments. In the past, Sean was widely-recognized by his peers for his exceptional leadership traits, namely his lead-by-example management style and his ability to develop and motivate multi-functional teams while communicating a clear vision and purpose.


Event Info | 活动信息

English for the fireside chat, Chinese & English for networking


Time: October 28th (Saturday), 2017, 2:00PM-5:00PM


Location: Beijing Vanke Center, Nongzhan South Road A-No.1 Chaoyang


Agenda | 活动安排

2:00pm 签到 & 茶歇 Sign-in, Welcome Drink & Food

3:00pm 炉边谈话 Fireside Chat

4:00pm 自由讨论 & 社交环节 Drinks, Food & Networking

Admission | 费用

普通票:60元(截止至10月27日) | Regular: 60RMB (Available until October 27th)

现场票(活动当日购买):100元 | At-the-door: 100RMB

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Saturday, Oct 28
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CST)


Beijing Vanke Center
Nongzhan South Road A-No.1 Beijing100000

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